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Julius Baer is bringing in six more bankers with computer science backgrounds

Julius Baer is bringing in six more bankers with computer science backgrounds

Private bank Julius Baer is strengthening its local offices for clients from the Iberian Peninsula and the Middle East. Once again, the new addition looks at career stages at Credit Suisse, e.g He has experience.

Ramon Marco, Enrique Mateo And Fernando Pedraza Join Julius Baer as Senior Client Advisors at Credit Suisse (CS). This was stated in a letter from Zurich Private Bank on Thursday Present.

The three private bankers began work at the beginning of September; From Zurich, they are supposed to help the Bears expand their presence in the Iberian Peninsula.

Also on site in Madrid

The specialists in Spain previously worked for Credit Suisse (CS). Since 2016, Marco has managed external business with clients from the region at the former Big Bank Wealth Management. In total, he worked at the institute for 22 years.

Mateo, in turn, has been working in the same team as a Senior Client Advisor since 2016. Finally, Pedraza worked as a Client Advisor in the CS Iberia office in Zurich and also worked on-site in Madrid for three years.

Most recently with an asset manager in Geneva

The traditional firm is also seeing growth from former CS employees who served wealthy clients in the booming Middle East. They in turn joined the Middle East and Africa office at the Zurich headquarters during the summer months, another memo said. This is the vice captain of the team Roberto Fauro And also the elderly Moataz’s department And Muhammad Salahuddin.

According to the letter, Fauro has more than 35 years of experience and moved from CS to Geneva-based asset management firm Crescendo Capital in 2021. Eid, who previously worked at a major bank for ten years, also comes from Crescendo. Saladin eventually moved directly from CS in Zurich to Julius Baer.

Popular title

With the arrival of the three new employees, the private bank is expanding its external offerings in the region; The Institute also has consulting offices in Dubai, Manama and Doha, in addition to offices in Geneva and London. Report by Fauro, Eid, and Saladin Philip Kleinschnittger, Responsible for the Middle East and Africa business from Zurich.

The appointments confirm that Julius Baer, ​​along with Zurich private bank EFG International, is one of the most popular addresses for CS private bankers wanting to relocate. Only recently have specialists in the Italian and Ticino markets made a change in this trend as well mentioned.

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