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John Coppen lives very lavishly in Australia

John Coppen lives very lavishly in Australia

Have you always wanted to know how Jungle Camp presenters Sonja Seidlow (55) and John Coppen (40) live in Australia? Jan Köppen just gave an insight on Instagram.

How are Sonja Zietlow and Jan Köppen living in Australia?

As we now know, the stars and their companions stayed at the luxury hotel Imperial Hotel Gold Coast, formerly Palazzo Versace, before and after their stay at the jungle camp. But Sonja and John didn't live there during their modest careers.

Both are said to be staying elsewhere; According to Bild newspaper, these accommodations should be closer to the Jungle Camp than the Imperial Hotel. After all, Sonja and John have to go into the forest every day. As John announced in an Instagram post a few days ago, his accommodation is a 45-minute drive from the jungle camp.

John Coppen lives in Australia.Screenshot

John Coppen gives his Villa followers a quick look

John Coppen lists what his work day looks like. The alarm goes off at 12:30am, he is picked up at 1:25am and he reaches the jungle camp at 2:10am. The recording follows five minutes later, at 2:15 am. John then records the portions of the program that can primarily be heard at the beginning and in the middle. He also drinks his first coffee. John then prepares for the broadcast and dons the mask, then directs the live broadcast at 7:15am (10:15pm European time).

In a short video where Jan Köppen films himself with a drone, you can see his accommodation – or rather: his villa. The drone's camera pans in front of the house where John is sitting on a bench. You see the two-story villa and the large, well-kept garden that John looks out on. The villa certainly looks very luxurious. You wonder what Sonja Zietlow's house would look like if Jan Köppen lived like that. The long-time Jungle Camp assessor is also said to be significantly higher than his colleague in terms of income.

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