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Is this ad an April Fool's joke?: Stefan Rapp releases his second comeback video

Is this ad an April Fool's joke?: Stefan Rapp releases his second comeback video

This is how Stefan Rapp shows himself in his current Instagram video.

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Would Stefan Raab dare to return to TV again – or is it all just an April Fool's joke? The internet has been baffled ever since the artist posted a video on Instagram on April 1.

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  • Stefan Raab has his fans on the edge of their seats and everyone is wondering: will there be a big TV comeback?
  • The artist will announce another TV event on social media on April 1.
  • It is still unclear whether this is just an April Fools' joke.

Will Stefan Raab return to screens or not? TV fans have been asking themselves this question for days.

But first things first: On Friday, the “TV Total” legend posted a video on Instagram. You can see it: eternal apprentice Elton in a rowboat on a lake looking for rap.

He finds him, fishing rod in hand, relaxing and enjoying his life as a TV retiree. Elton wants to convince him to return to television. “When I have 9 million followers, I'll do something again,” promises Rap, who is only seen from behind in the clip.

2.8 million followers on Instagram for Stefan Rapp

The second clip followed on April 1. This time you can also see Stefan Rapp from the front: in palazzos, beard and glasses. That wasn't enough for the 9 million followers. It has reached 2.8 million – at least.

Elton's proposal: a third boxing match with Regina Halmic. We remember: in 2001 she broke her nose in a fight. Six years later, Rap struck again.

Serious or just an April Fool's joke? In turn, Halmich shared the video on her Instagram page, but she has not mentioned anything yet about a request from the German company. “picture” Moreover.

Fans are confused: What does “NWSDWH” mean?

But Stefan Raab leaves nothing to chance. The letters “NWSDWH” can be read on his hat. Fans know that the TV pro likes to abbreviate his shows with long rows of letters. “Watson” I searched for some suggestions from netizens: Users are puzzled: “Stefan will never do that again,” is one of the suggestions. Another thought: “Well, what does that mean?”

Whatever it ends up being, Stefan Raab is sure to attract attention. At the beginning of the year, it was announced that the TV Total presenter would establish a new production company, Raab Entertainment. The company develops “unique concepts and ideas,” as stated on LinkedIn.

The social media buzz surrounding Rapp is certainly unique.