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AVM Door and Window Sensor |

AVM Door and Window Sensor |

As a manufacturer of routers and networking solutions, it makes sense to continue feeding into the smart home theme. Since spring 2024, we have also had the opportunity to purchase the FRITZ!DECT 350 in Switzerland. Using the two small sensors, it is possible to see in your home whether the door/window is open and/or closed.
What applications can this sensor be used for and why should you choose one from AVM?

Always aware of what is happening at home

When I leave my house and am in the middle of a shot, I ask Siri if all my windows are closed. I have been using door and window sensors from different manufacturers for years. These work great and I don't want to miss them. Some of these devices were true knockers, but they also became significantly more compact over the years. Like, for example, those of Real estate.

With the FRITZ!DECT 350, a new sensor comes into play, which communicates with the control center not via the WLAN standard, but via DECT. On the one hand, this reduces the load on my WLAN, but above all, I don't need an additional control center because the FRITZ!Box can also manage all the smart home gadgets. Currently still around Fritz! Smart Gatebut also soon via future AVM routers.

Scope of delivery

  • The two sensors
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • Reset tool
  • Test labels and decals for final assembly
  • Operation manual
FRITZ!DECT 350 delivery range
FRITZ!DECT 350 delivery range

What can the FRITZ!DECT 350 help you with?

If your door and window sensor registers one action, you can use it as a trigger for another. For example, if one of your windows is opened in the winter, your FRITZ!DECT 320 will immediately be given the command to reduce the heating output. Do this until the window is closed again, so as not to waste unnecessary heating costs while cold air flows into your apartment. Not only are you doing something good for the environment, but you can also reduce your heating costs.

You can also place this sensor on the front door and once you open it, you will receive a notification informing you that someone is entering your apartment. Of course, the same also works with a window or balcony door. Almost like a small alarm system.

But it's not just doors and windows that can be secured. You can also attach a sensor to your mailbox (in a milk crate) or cabinet door/drawer and it will always be there on your screen when you open it.

As soon as you leave the house in the morning, you can order the radiator thermostats to turn off. During the four, eight or even more hours that you spend at work, your apartment does not need to be heated to its full potential in the winter.
At the same time, you can automatically turn off all FRITZ!DECT lights and activate the answering machine on the FRITZ!Fon. I find the latter very practical in the office, as when I enter the office, I can always answer the phone directly, and as soon as I leave, the answering machine is automatically activated. How many times have you forgotten to activate this.

Hidden in Eurofold
Hidden in EuroFALZ

I can even go so far as to automatically turn off WiFi as soon as I leave the house. However, since I have some products that also have to work when I'm not around and that's done over WiFi, this is of course not an option for me. All this is possible, above all, through geofencing.

When I still had my office at home, I used a sensor to deactivate the WiFi in my office when I left the door. To do this, I installed a sensor in the drawer where I always stored my most important documents before leaving my desk. The WiFi was turned on by the NFC tag on the desk where I placed my smartphone and I turned it off by closing the drawer.

Also now with geolocation

Geofencing, a feature that plays an important role in every smart home. All the above ideas do not always make sense, some only when you are at home, others only when you are away from home.

Fritz!Smart home application with geolocation
Fritz!Smart home application with geolocation

Here comes this Geolocation To use. Simply put, a virtual fence is placed around your home; Once you move inside it, different things happen than when you leave it. The doors can lock or unlock automatically when you leave your home or return home. Actions you use as a kind of “alarm” can also remain active or be blocked. When you're at home, you don't have to be on notice every time someone comes through the front door.

AVM also integrated geofencing into its smart home activities this spring. This makes planning all procedures much easier.

I only hope the AVM soon includes shared budgeting. If you leave the house, all the procedures will be done if that includes the light, it might be a bit stupid because the rest of the family might still be at home.

What do I want to achieve with the FRITZ!DECT 350?

The FRITZ!DECT 350 door and window communicator comes with me Green fairy To use. The bar where I have been spending part of my time since October last year. In the quieter hours, I like to be downstairs and pack a few things Online orders. Unfortunately, I don't really notice when someone comes in the door upstairs. That's why I installed the FRITZ!DECT 350 here and the FRITZ!DECT 500 lit up in the warehouse. This is the current plan

This means I always know right away when I need to go upstairs and can go on my way.

I would prefer to have an audio buzzer on the bottom in addition to the optical, but I'm still searching for a suitable buzzer that works on ZigBee 3.0. If you know anything, please let me know.

I will show you how to do this in a video in which I demonstrate the FRITZ!DECT 350 and also show my application area, or I will expand the article here.