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Is Prince Harry planning to return to England alone?

Is Prince Harry planning to return to England alone?

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Prince Harry is very homesick. Meghan Markle has other plans. He will go to dazzling Hollywood. But to Meghan’s dismay, Harry looked alone.

Montecito – Frogmore Cottage lost on return to King Charles (74). Meghan Markle (42) and Prince Harry (39) have also established a foothold in the United Kingdom. The Duke of Sussex doesn’t want to ask his royal father for another place to stay, so he hunts for a property. This begs the question: Where does the family want to live in the future?

After Fraxit, Prince Harry wants his own place to live in England, independent of King Charles

An insider reveals Glass: “The occasional use of a small apartment in Kensington Palace is out of the question, and they will buy it themselves when it comes to a house in England”. The Sussexes disagreed about where the children should go to school. “Harry is leaning towards England, while Meghan wants to teach in America,” the source continued.

Additionally, Prince Harry wants a place to stay in Britain, according to royal biographer Duncan Larcombe. Harry has more reasons to return to the UK than Meghan, and it is unlikely that Meghan will want to spend much time in the UK.

The Frogmore Decision (Frogxit)

The demand to take back Frogmore Cottage is seen as a major rebuke to King Charles’ son Prince Harry, who has been a vocal critic of the monarchy and individuals at the institution since moving to California with his wife Meghan Markle in 2020. Alleged racist tendencies and accused him of lack of support.

In 2019, according to royal accounts, Meghan and Harry spent £2.4 million (€2.7 million) renovating and renting the Crown Estate-owned Grade II-listed property in the grounds of Windsor Castle. The Sussexes have used the property sparingly since moving to America.

However, the couple financed the general upkeep of their previous home, maintaining the garden, and continued to pay rent. The lease was described by a Palace insider in 2022 as a “good deal” for the taxpayer.

Meghan Markle loves the sunny state of California where she grew up

Meghan has never said she loves England in any way. She didn’t want to go back. However, she sees Prince Harry as a family man with close ties to his homeland: “If they don’t have a base here, Harry’s children will grow up not knowing their cousins, uncles or aunts or anyone in their family. They will grow up soon and his father is not yet young.

Future plans diverge: Prince Harry wants to go to England, Meghan Markle wants to go to Hollywood (photo montage).
Future plans diverge: Prince Harry wants to go to England, Meghan Markle wants to go to Hollywood (photo montage). © Evan Agostini/dpa & Christoph Reichwein/dpa

In the context of continued disagreement, Harry seems to have gone over Meghan’s head and decided to go out on his own. Apparently Harry is fine either way. Unless it’s a second home in London, it’s loud Glass Also willing to go to New York. Duke of Sussex feels “very comfortable” in Big Apple; He will make the city his permanent residence, especially since he can move from there to London very quickly, the source explained..

It continues: “Megan is so happy to be back in California that she can’t imagine leaving. For Meghan, Hollywood is number one. There was no point in moving on, and she was frustrated that Harry wouldn’t let go of the problem.” Sources used:,