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Is Julia Faustina really Madeleine McCann?  DNA test here

Is Julia Faustina really Madeleine McCann? DNA test here

Madeline McCann

Julia claims to be Maddie McCann – DNA result now available

21-year-old Paul Julia Faustina has been claiming since February that she is a girl who disappeared 16 years ago. Now the results of the submitted DNA samples have been revealed.


Julia Faustina (21) claims to be Maddie McCann, who disappeared 16 years ago.


  • In February, claims by Paul Julia Faustina to be Madeleine McCann, who disappeared 16 years ago, caused an uproar.

  • Various samples were provided to determine the DNA sequence and lineage.

  • The results show that Julia is 100 percent Polish with a small percentage of Lithuanian and Russian roots.

21-year-old Julia Faustina, who also calls herself Julia Wendell, Gave on Instagram and Tiktok She suggests that she may be the British girl Madeleine McCann, who disappeared while on a family holiday in Portugal in 2007. Julia gives similarities in age and appearance as arguments and has tried to substantiate them through various posts on social media. She had submitted tests to have her DNA sequenced to three different criminal investigations, the New York Post reported. Additional genetic testing to determine their lineage. Now we have the results.

DNA test: Julia Faustina is not Madeleine McCann

According to the Radar Online portal, the results of a DNA test show that Julia Faustina is not Madeleine McCann. Her ancestors came from Poland, says private investigator Dr. “It’s a small percentage of Lithuanians and Russians,” adds Via Johansson.

Funding for Operation Grange will be increased

Although there is a negative result The amazing claims The 21-year-old Julia reopened investigations into the McCann case in both Portugal and the UK. According to Radar Online, the government is considering increasing funding for Operation Grange, which is set up to support the research.

Dr. Johansson still believes the man accused of sexually assaulting the 21-year-old with McCann’s case He may be connected – and investigators in Portugal have expressed interest in investigating his background.

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