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Finland: After the electoral defeat – Sanna Marin announces her resignation


After losing the elections – Sana Marin announces her resignation

After Sunday’s election defeat, Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin announced she would step down as leader of the Social Democratic Party.


Sanna Marin will step down as chairman of the Social Democratic Party of Finland from September 2023.

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  • After Sunday’s election defeat, Sanna Marin announced he was stepping down as chairman of the Social Democratic Party.

  • For the first time in twelve years, the conservative National Coalition Party has become the strongest force.

  • Sanna Marin has been the Prime Minister of Finland since 2019.

The ruling Social Democratic Party, led by Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin, held parliamentary elections in Finland Lost on Sunday. The conservative National Coalition Party has taken the lead in Finnish parliamentary elections for the first time in twelve years. Marin has now announced that he is leaving the leadership of the Social Democratic Party, YLE News reports. She announced that she would remain in the party as a “back room MP”.

Her successor will be elected at the next party congress in September. “It has been my great honor to lead the Board of Directors for the past four years. These times were very difficult. “We must honestly say that my stamina and flexibility have also been tested over the years,” Marin said at a news conference. She said she has now reported to give potential candidates time to consider a possible run for the party’s presidency.

Party video with Sana Marin

This scandalous video clip caused the Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin to grieve.

The 37-year-old said she would continue negotiating until her party took part in government. She said, responding to speculation that she might seek a position in another European country after the election defeat, she has not been offered an international position. She is also not available as a candidate for the Finnish presidential elections in early 2024, when a successor to President Sauli Niinisto is being sought.

Marin came to power at the end of 2019 as the youngest prime minister in the world at that time. Abroad, she is considered one of the most sought-after politicians in Europe, while at home many revere her as a young, fresh and quick-witted head of government. The concert videos scratched her image, but she remained popular – significantly more popular than her gig. Marin led Finland to join NATO, and the country became official on Tuesday He was accepted as the thirty-first member.

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