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Iqbal wanted to see new money in Asia

Iqbal wanted to see new money in Asia

UBS Head of Wealth Management Iqbal Khan is once again visiting his people in Asia. At the same time as he clarifies the important management positions in the big bank, he divides the remaining joint team on the new target. It’s called: “Net New Money”.

This is already the third flight of Iqbal Khan To Asia over the past four months, such as «Bloomberg» calculated in the message. UBS’ global head of wealth management addressed hundreds of Credit Suisse and UBS Wealth employees at evening events in Hong Kong and Singapore, according to Chambers.

The events were meant to celebrate the merger of UBS with Credit Suisse, it was also said. But Khan’s message was clear. In Singapore, explain to employees that they have to focus on three letters: “NNM,” meaning Net New Money. In Hong Kong, Khan delivered the same message, that attracting new money should be the focus.

According to the report, the theme for the evening was “Power of Two” and the posters showed a couple rowing a canoe in harmony.

CS members are also represented on the management team

In addition, the management teams of the two Asian city-states were announced. The head of China comes from UBS Marina LoweAnd Adeline Shin As president in hong kong and Patricia Quick As President of Singapore and Malaysia. Greater China business managers come from CS. Ricky Chan He’s in charge of it from Hong Kong and he’s in charge of it from Singapore Kingcheong lock.

UBS plans to retain several hundred Credit Suisse employees in the Asia-Pacific region, bringing the total number to more than 1,200 employees. The bank recently appointed the management team for the area.

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