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Aldi’s customer discovers a snake in the vegetables

Aldi’s customer discovers a snake in the vegetables

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from: Kay Hartwig

A man buys a piece of broccoli at Aldi. When he unloads vegetables at home, he is surprised: the product is not completely meatless.

Munich / Stourbridge – Anyone who goes to a supermarket or discount can buy a variety of goods there. There are many products on the shelves of Aldi, Lidl, Edeka, Kaufland, Rewe or the competition. This also includes fresh groceries in branches located all over Germany.

Aldi Customer Finds Snake In Broccoli – ‘It Was So Scary’

The discount has now also opened up markets beyond the borders of the Federal Republic. Liddell and Aldi are also represented in Great Britain. In the British branch of Aldi, there has now been a rather frightening incident. A customer bought vegetables, specifically a piece of broccoli, at a discount store in Stourbridge. When he unpacked it at home, he probably couldn’t believe his eyes.

Like the British Gate I reported, an Aldi customer found a snake in a package of broccoli. “It was very scary,” the 63-year-old told Al-Bawaba the moment he discovered the animal. At first, he thought of a caterpillar when he saw it, but the creature was clearly bigger than that, according to an Aldi customer. So the Briton summoned his sister, who identified the animal as a snake. “I thought she was joking at first, but then turned away when I saw the snake move.”

An Aldi customer found an eel in broccoli he had just bought from a branch of the discount store. © Donovan Linton

A 63-year-old Aldi customer and his sister decided to put their can of broccoli and eel in a box. They returned the car to the Aldi branch where the vegetables were purchased. “The man in the branch was also very afraid,” said the Briton. The snake eventually ended up in a local zoo, where the exact type of snake was also determined.

Aldi apologizes, customer refuses to pay compensation – ‘just not enough’

The snake in Aldi broccoli was a scaled snake. This type of snake can reach 1.6 meters in length but is not poisonous to humans. Ladder snakes live in the wild mainly in Portugal, large parts of Spain, and southern France. An Aldi spokesperson told the British portal: “We are investigating this isolated incident.” They also apologized to an Aldi customer. But this is not enough, he said.

The 63-year-old said he suffers from a phobia of snakes. In addition, the disabled son and his needy mother live in their own house, and both of them were lucky that they did not come into contact with the snake. Meanwhile, Aldi offered him compensation. “It’s not enough – the consequences for us would be enormous if you entered the house,” said an angry Aldi customer. It remains to be seen if the case will now extend further and possibly end up in court.

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