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Instagram user mocks Bentley video – and celebrates

Instagram user mocks Bentley video – and celebrates

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On Instagram, a woman with a Citroën makes fun of Bentley influencer Alla Bruletova’s video. The clip goes viral and is celebrated.

The internet is full of funny videos. About trying to protect the car from hailstones with your body. No less amusing: a man trying to fit a big TV into a tiny car. What do the two have in common? Not much! But an equally strange “comparison” went viral on Instagram.

Instagram user Catherine Pieroni reacts to a clip from influencer Alla Bruletova. The Russian young man filmed a very special video with a Bentley car.

Instagrammer recreates Bentley video – with old Citroen

In it, the most diverse functions of a luxury car are visible, such as the indicator. She also clicks on the hood ornament and with a champagne glass at the rear, running her hands over the steering wheel and radiator grille. Even the rims are not safe from their fingers. She continues whispering “Bentley” into her microphone.

Catherine Peroni has become a huge hit on the internet with her Citroën. © Instagram (cath.pieroni)

Peroni apparently thought to himself: I can do that too. He said and did. The only thing the Frenchwoman didn’t have was a Bentley, just a Citroen that wasn’t quite new anymore. With this vehicle, she recreates Bruletova’s solo video and cuts scenes of Russian women before it.

Instagram users celebrate with the video: “The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

In order to stick to the glass, for example, an empty Coca-Cola bottle must be used – which immediately flies off several times. Instead of the whispering Bentley, there is a peppy Citroen. The black dress gives way to comfortable sweatpants and a T-shirt. Along with a slightly annoyed smile.

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The video has been liked by nearly 1.38 million people on Instagram and has been commented more than 16,000 times. Including Citroen Germany. “We love your car and believe you don’t need a Bentley at all,” the automaker writes. Other users are also excited about the video:

  • “I can’t get over the way you pronounce Bentley.”
  • “Among this, I like the Citroën best and the girl who drives it looks pretty. I’m sure she’s a good friend.”
  • “The attention to detail was amazing. The trash can in the back pocket was the most important!”
  • Best Citroen ad ever. They have to pay you for it! Because most commentators want to own one.”
  • “I’m definitely going to buy a Citroën now!”
  • “The most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.”