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Hollywood legend – Robert De Niro turns 80 – Culture

Hollywood legend – Robert De Niro turns 80 – Culture


He is an icon in the world of cinema – and together with director Martin Scorsese they form the “Hollywood Twins”. On the way to crossing the border.

Robert De Niro is a frontiersman. He is a staunch supporter of what is called method acting: that method of acting which requires an uncompromising fusion with the role in question.

One of his early performances remains one of his greatest ever: in “Raging Bull” he played boxing champ Jake LaMotta in 1980.


Robert De Niro with his second Oscar. After winning the award for best supporting actor in the movie “The Godfather Part Two”, he won the award for best actor in “Raging Bull”.

Imago Pictures / Zuma Wire

De Niro pushes boundaries in this black and white biopic about legendary world middleweight champion Bronx.

to the max

In front of the camera, so to speak, De Niro transforms from a well-trained top athlete to an overweight, seedy nightclub entertainer.

In a few weeks, he gained 30 kilograms to be exactly the 110 kilograms LaMotta weighed at the end of the sixties.

Raging Bull director Martin Scorsese was very concerned about the health of the lead actor and his friend. In a documentary, he said that De Niro had health issues due to his weight gain: “Bob put on a lot of weight and went back to L.A. for scenes. I wanted to shoot this quickly because you hear he was having trouble breathing.”

Hollywood Twins

De Niro and Scorsese’s careers have been closely linked for 50 years. Their first films together wrote history. De Niro plays Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver.

A taxi driver sits at the wheel of a taxi in New York.


“Taxi Driver” has become the standard work of New Hollywood – and Robert De Niro is a star.

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the A monologue line in front of a mirror burned itself into the memory of cinematic culture: «(Are you) talking to me? (“Are you talking to me?”).

The successful duo is so legendary in Hollywood that they own one Own Wikipedia entry he have.

Al Pacino meets De Niro

A longtime friendship ties De Niro to the second Hollywood giant in his modern league: Al Pacino. For decades, audiences have waited for the two to pose in front of the camera together.

Two men talking at a table.


Meet the Greats: Al Pacino and De Niro in “The Heat”

IMAGO / Cinema Publishers Group

In 1995 the time has come. Michael Mann’s “Heat” has become the cinematic event of the year. Although they both played in “The Godfather Part II” in 1974, there is no scene in common in the movie.

De Niro bravado

Al Pacino shares the point of view of many film fans: in “Raging Bull” De Niro delivers a gritty piece. In an interview with GQ lifestyle magazine, Pacino said, “This was probably his most important role. Perhaps even the greatest achievement in film history.”

The real Jake LaMotta, with whom he practiced left and right hooks in the ring for weeks, was delighted with the film. He is reported to have said that it aptly reflects his life and personality.

Western in the 80’s

Despite his hard-headed and bruised demeanor, Robert De Niro has enough energy for his job even in his old age.

Two men sitting at a restaurant table talking over red wine.


Gangsters among themselves: Robert De Niro (R) in “The Irishman” with Joe Pesci.

Imago Images / Zuma Wire

In 2019, he once again played a mafioso in the gangster saga ‘The Irishman’. But this time, the one who begins to question his actions.

And now, at 80, he’s supposed to be in front of the camera for a Western. Directed, of course, by Martin Scorsese.