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Insolvent ex-customer: Where do the five re-ordered Lufthansa Dreamliners come from

Insolvent ex-customer: Where do the five re-ordered Lufthansa Dreamliners come from

German airline Dreamliner rearranged in May. Lufthansa will get its first aircraft in the winter. It is now clear who the original customer of the Boeing 787 was.

In March 2019, . was released Lufthansa Group has placed an order with Boeing. 20 Dreamliners Assigning them to replace outdated four-engine aircraft with it. It will be delivered between 2022 and 2025.

Two years later, the German aviation group increased the order by five copies. at A re-arranged Boeing 787-9 will be sent in May 2021 to Lufthansa But earlier than the previous request. The first will be delivered in the winter of 2021. This became possible because the German company decided on the so-called White Tails – an aircraft that was originally intended for another customer who no longer wanted it.

HNA Group is heavily indebted

It is also now clear which customer no longer wants the Dreamliner. According to Air Finance Journal, the aircraft were ordered by HNA Group. The giant Chinese conglomerate is in financial distress. Tens of thousands of creditors are demanding money from him. Bankruptcy judges have so far admitted 406 billion yuan (53 billion euros) in claims.

According to the report, four of the Lufthansa Dreamliners were supposed to go to HNA’s Hainan Airlines, after which they were temporarily moved to Indian Vistara before being reassigned. The fifth should have gone to HNA’s Suparna Airlines.

Dreamliner less than 2 years old

Boeing 787-9s are on average less than two years old and are powered by GE Aviation’s GEnx-1B engines. They must obtain D-ABPA to D-ABPE license plates. Lufthansa does not take any position on this matter.