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737 Max and A321neo: United ordered 270 planes from Boeing and Airbus

737 Max and A321neo: United ordered 270 planes from Boeing and Airbus

Boeing and Airbus can sell 270 aircraft to the American airline. United Airlines’ order for the 737 Max and A321 Neo is the largest since the pandemic.

It’s a good day for Boeing and Airbus: United Airlines is placing a large order with both aircraft manufacturers. Together, about 270 aircraft. It was the largest order in the company’s history and the largest from a single supplier in a decade, the company said in a statement on Tuesday (June 29).

But it’s also the largest order since the outbreak of the pandemic. Boeing benefits more than that. United ordered a total of 200 copies of the 737 Max. This includes 50 pieces of the most popular version, the Max 8, and 150 of the Max 10. It is the longest-running version of the Boeing 737 Max family and It recently completed its maiden voyage.

Max’s biggest clients عملاء

With the confirmed order for the 200 planes now announced, the number of 737 Max planes ordered by United has risen to 410, according to manufacturer Boeing. The airline is thus the largest buyer of the aircraft model. It passes through Southwest Airlines and currently has 383 confirmed orders.

But Airbus can be happy, too. United orders 70 Airbus A321neo planes. The airline already has I ordered 50 copies of the long-range version A321 XLR. The new order brings the number of pending orders for the A321 Neo to 120. The type will be delivered to United from 2023, and deliveries of the Boeing 737 Max 10 aircraft are also scheduled to start in the same year.

Airbus A321neo in United colours. Photo: Airbus

Airplane delivery every third day

United expects a total of 40 new deliveries of short and medium-haul aircraft in 2022. The following year, 2023, there should be 138. This means that the airline receives new standard fuselage aircraft on average every three days. The new Boeing 737 Max and Airbus A321neo aircraft will replace older aircraft, especially regional jets, according to United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby.