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Indie game “Vampire Survivors” has been confirmed for Playstation

Indie game “Vampire Survivors” has been confirmed for Playstation

The time has finally come: indie developer Poncle will soon release their surprise hit “Vampire Survivors” for PS4 and PS5. The starting shot will be given in the summer, Play3 reports.

“Vampire Survivors” has delighted both critics and gamers since its release in 2022. However, until now the game has only been available for PC, Xbox consoles, mobile systems and Switch – much to the disappointment of many PlayStation fans. But now they can also look forward to the simple shooting game.

In “Vampire Survivors” players take on the role of different characters and face ever-increasing hordes of enemies. They collect gold which they can invest in power-ups – a strategy to increase the effectiveness of their characters.

“Hell is empty, and the demons are there. 'There's nowhere to hide,'” is the game's catchy slogan.

In addition to the opportunity to unlock equipment and skills, “Vampire Survivors” also offers several internal achievements. According to international reviews, the game offers a lot of fun for little money.

On Metacritic, Vampire Survivors has an impressive average score of 86 after more than 30 reviews. The user score is a strong 8.3 points. The roguelite shooter has also received high praise on Steam: after more than 216,000 user reviews, the game has a “very positive” rating.

The launch trailer offers an exciting look at the playful implementation of the famous Rougelite movement. PlayStation fans can look forward to an action-packed gaming experience.