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In their free time there is often a lack of space for young footballers in Seekirchen

In their free time there is often a lack of space for young footballers in Seekirchen

“Available space at the center is very scarce.”

Judith Simmerstatter


“The remaining space in front of the containers is now completely fenced,” says Alex Mulling, a resident. So, eight-year-old Emil and his playmates have one wish: “It would be nice if the containers came back.” They can also use the football pitch next door, but it is often busy and the community-provided pitch at the SOS Children’s Village in August is too far away. “Children often only play for 20 minutes or half an hour, so the trip doesn’t pay off,” says Alex Mulling. For Katharina Jackel, this is also no alternative. “You can’t always take the kids there in the car. When they’re eight or nine, you’d rather have them close by.” Out of just three houses in Fischach, there are already ten to 15 children who need a suitable playground nearby.

Lido and a stadium on Wiesenstrasse as an alternative

First Deputy Mayor Judith Simmerstätter (LeSe), responsible for sports in Seekirchen, is aware of the situation. “The bins on the hard courts will probably stay there for another year and a half while the middle school is remodeled,” Simmerstater said. The adjacent football field can be used, but is mostly occupied by the state football training center and handball club. An alternative would be the Lido or the playground on Wiesenstrasse, and there are at least small open spaces in Ruperti Stadium. “We hope we can offer more areas in the centre, but they are very rare,” says Simmerstatter. “Private landowners are usually reluctant to make their areas available for football.” The deputy mayor is aware that the large influx of people in Seekirchen also increases the need for open spaces. Simmerstatter: “We need them in the New Town area too.” She couldn’t offer the children at Fischach a quick solution, but she was always ready to have a conversation: “Sometimes you can find a solution by working together.”