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In Raiffeisen, Coop's assistant becomes team leader – inside Paradeplatz

In Raiffeisen, Coop's assistant becomes team leader – inside Paradeplatz

The young woman is smiling up to her ears on her LinkedIn. No wonder your rise within the large Raiffeisen group has been exceptional.

A few years ago, she joined the Cooperative Banking Group from Coop as a Senior Assistant, where she moved up the ladder very quickly.

In customer service, the most important sector, she quickly secured a management position that was expanded last summer.

Your place for steep ascents (IP)

Banking apprenticeships, further training in banking? no one. Under “Skills” on her LinkedIn profile, there is one word: “Finance.”

How is that?

When asked whether Raiffeisen explicitly promoted women to management positions in order to increase their share of management, a spokesman said yesterday:

“In general, recruitment processes aim to optimally fill a vacancy.” Then he continues:

“Raiffeisen is committed to a culture of gender equality, especially in leadership issues, and aims to reach 30 percent women in managerial and management positions.”

Almost every third position in the coveted ranks should be filled by women in the future. So it's no surprise how the bank is promoting its new best female investor to the outside world.

Her name is Caroline Help and she came from St.Galler KB to become the third power in the banking country. Help was still able to do this during the KB era In a vision Do a video interview this spring — as a kind of farewell, so to speak.

There she said that the Swiss assessed the economic situation more bleakly than the hard facts suggest. So the economy could soon start improving again.

Since then, the sector has collapsed, and commercial real estate is facing collapse.

Handelszeitung polled this week Director of the new model of the red giant The Swiss financial center to God and the world.

Leadership principles? “Cooperation, commitment and honest communication.”

Favorite tool? “My Airpods because I listen to a lot of radio and podcasts, but I also make phone calls quite often.”

It came loudly, it went quietly (P. Janovjak; LinkedIn)

No one talks about his predecessor as head of the Investment and Pensions Center in Raiffeisen Switzerland anymore.

We're talking about Patrick Yanovjak. In 2020, he accompanied Baselland-KB with drums and trumpets when he came on as a substitute.

He has been back at his old employer since last September. Title now: “People's Leader.”

At least in the northwest corner of the country, it seems men are still in demand in banking — at least those as energetic as Janowiak.