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iFixit explains the iPad Mini's "Jelly Scroll" problem in a teardown . video

iFixit explains the iPad Mini’s “Jelly Scroll” problem in a teardown . video

iFixit tore off one of Apple’s new devices today ipad mini When unpacked, the fix page provided a detailed breakdown of why there is a problem with the new tablets called “jelly swipe”.

some new iPad mini 6 Owners have found that text or images on one side of the screen appear to flip down as they scroll through content, which is common on all LCD screens, but especially noticeable on the iPad mini‌.

According to iFixit, the gel scroll is usually not as noticeable as on Apple’s new 8.3-inch tablet, and this is due to the way the screen is refreshed. The screen refreshes from side to side with a wavy pattern, not all at once. On the ‌iPad mini‌, iFixit speculates that the direction in which you swipe the screen is related to the position of the control panel that pushes the iPad mini‌ screen, which is why there is a gel swipe in portrait mode.

The iPad mini ‌ has a control panel located vertically on the left side. The iPad AirWhich does not show the same problem in portrait orientation has a control panel on the top of the tablet.

If you scroll parallel to the screen refresh direction, the whole screen will not refresh at once, but the refresh effect will be less noticeable as the text will not be split.

Because of this, you probably won’t notice it on other displays. The jelly swipe is usually hidden because the view is updated (or scanned) in parallel with the swipe action. So the computer screen refreshes vertically in landscape mode and smartphone refreshes vertically in portrait mode.

Randomly, this iPad Mini display will refresh horizontally when held in portrait orientation. Here’s how to keep your iPad scrolling.

iFixit says it’s also possible that Apple will use a cheaper screen for the “iPad mini 6,” which could result in the update check being offered more frequently than expected.

Apple said that the problem of the spread of the gel It’s normal behaviour As for the LCD screen, this most likely means that the company has no plans to offer alternatives to users who are facing this problem. Anyone who is not satisfied with the iPad mini ‌ screen must return the tablet within the 14-day return period.

There were no other big surprises with the ‌iPad mini 6‌, but a full look inside can be found in the iFixit video. Overall, iFixit gave the “iPad mini” a three-point repair score due to too much glue and other repair limitations.