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iPad Games: Emulator Delta is coming – and Fortnite in the EU

iPad Games: Emulator Delta is coming – and Fortnite in the EU

Anyone who likes to play on their iPad can look forward to two interesting news shortly before the holiday. Both affect the availability of the software on your Apple tablet.


Developer Riley Testut, Altstore operator and creator of the Game Boy GBA4iOS emulator, has announced the iPadOS version of its Delta emulator package. In a post on SMS service Threads, Testut demonstrated the first Screenshots and details. The iOS version was prioritized initially so you could start with the legacy store, which was initially only available for iPhone. Apple is now also allowing emulators under iPadOS, which means the next major Delta 1.6 update will also be available for the tablet.

It is still unclear how Testut regulates sales. In the EU, Delta is not available in the regular App Store, but only via Altstore, where it has one Patreon fees becomes worthy. In this way, Testout avoids the risk that Apple's core technology fees will push him into collapse. However, in the USA, the Delta app is available on the App Store. Since the EU now also wants to regulate iPadOS, a similar strategy could also be implemented on the tablet.

Epic Games, which has long been in a legal dispute with Apple over its App Store rules and is one of the biggest backers of EU intervention, has announced that it now wants to bring its hit game Fortnite to the iPad. This is a direct result of the regulation of tablets under the DMA announced by the EU Commission.

According to the Epic Games Newsroom on X, they are working “full steam” on Fortnite and the Epic Games Store for iPad. However, be still Expected this year. The company recently announced tariffs for developers. This is surprisingly close to what Apple wants to see under EU terms.


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