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Sheepo – Coming October 20th on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Xbox

Welcome to the Intergalactic Species Database – today is your first day at work, and we have a mission for you: visit an unknown planet and save all living things from extinction! Top Hat Studios announces that the peaceful Metroidvania Shipu Posted by indie developer Kyle Thompson on October 20th for Play StationAnd Nintendo Switch And X-Box It will be released for $10.99 / €10.99 / £9.89 and can be pre-ordered for Switch and Xbox! The game will also be released as a true next-gen original game with special features for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series XS.

Sheepo is a twisted Metroidvania platformer with a unique twist: its gameplay doesn’t include standard battles. You play as Sheepo, a sheep-shaped zoologist whose mission is to explore the unknown planet Cebron and collect samples of the species that live there in order to save them from extinction when the planet’s star collapses. In order to catch a creature, Sheepo must find its unshelled egg, which happens to be guarded by the queen of the genre… Sheepo was first released on Steam on August 26, 2020 and has been highly praised by critics, with a 99% approval rating from users on Steam and media like Screen Rant, who rated the game 4.5/5 for its poignant and addictive gameplay: “It’s a gift to play such an addictive and portable indie game that has complex ambitions dispensed with and instead gives this a consistent and subtle feel.

With every egg you collect, you gain the ability to transform into that particular creature upon contact, which in turn helps you explore deeper regions of the planet – you dig, fly and travel through a series of interconnected levels, filled with lush landscapes, hidden shrines and ancient ruins, as well as curious inhabitants with their stories. private to see. Will you be able to save Saberon’s creatures and inhabitants before the star destroys the planet?

This seems like a lot of work on your first day on the job. The good news is that Saberoni’s Day is 8000 Earth Days! The bad news is that you get paid after the day of divination.


  • Metroidvania Pacifist Platformer: In a charming and unique twist on the genre, Sheepo doesn’t have fights as such – you can capture these creatures to get them!
  • Firm platform with smooth control. You play as Sheepo and as different creatures you deal with. The gameplay remains fresh as you constantly learn the movements of each creature!
  • Traverse a vast landscape with many rooms and hidden characters. Explore ancient mines, an abandoned mall, lush forests, filthy sewers, and more.
  • 75+ Hidden Feathers to collect (Planet Coin) that can be spent in the last DeadMall Store left.
  • Non-linear gameplay. As you explore, discover eggs, and get more transformations. The world of Sheepo opens quickly so you can choose your own path. Meet the locals and find out what’s happening to the planet Saberon.
  • Warmly gentle aesthetics, along with a whimsical soundtrack to accompany you on your adventures.
  • Cross-purchase at no additional cost on PS4 / PS5 and Xbox One / Series X
  • Available in English, German, French, Traditional Chinese and Japanese


Sheepo will offer free local purchase of PS4/PS5 at no additional cost. The next generation version of the game brings new platform-exclusive features such as 4K screen, 60fps design, speedrun leaderboards, abundant presence, PS5 activity integration and more, powered by new Playstation 5 innovations. Get that If you buy the game for one generation, you get it for the next – at no additional cost.

The next generation version of the game contains exclusive features for the new Xbox platforms, such as: b. Smart Delivery, Cloud Save Sync, 4K Display, 60fps+ Design, Speedrun Ratings, Rich Presence and more, powered by Xbox Series X/S innovations. Buy the game for any generation of Xbox and get the next!