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Formula 1: After the departure of Haas – the consequences for Hulkenberg?

Formula 1: After the departure of Haas – the consequences for Hulkenberg?

It's already begun, and now Nico Hulkenberg's future has been made clear. The German racing driver will leave Haas at the end of the season and will race in Formula 1 for Sauber from 2025 (more on that here!).

After just five races out of 24, it has become clear that Nico Hulkenberg will not remain at Haas next year. That could certainly change the German Formula 1 driver's situation within the team.

Formula 1: After leaving – what changes has happened to Hulkenberg?

Two years later, Hulkenberg's Haas adventure was over again. The 36-year-old decided on the ambitious project from Volkswagen's Audi subsidiary. The German car manufacturer will enter Formula 1 in 2026 and will take over the Sauber team. It is considered one of the most promising projects for the future.

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This means that it is already clear at the beginning of the season that Hulkenberg will leave his current team. This decision could certainly have consequences for the racing driver in the future. As a rule, teams no longer include drivers whose departure is certain in the development of the car – to avoid the risk of a driver bringing knowledge with him to his new team. However, this shouldn't be a big problem for Hulkenberg.

Will Magnussen now get the advantage?

Things get even more interesting when it comes to updates for the current season. Haas is a small team with little money, so it often releases updates in small steps and only sporadically. The upgrade package is usually only available for one vehicle.

Given Hulkenberg's departure, preference will likely be given to his teammate Kevin Magnussen in the future. So: If Haas brings an upgrade, it will likely be installed on Magnussen's car first. Hülkenberg only benefits later.

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This should generally apply to many team decisions. Even if Hulkenberg is the clear number one on the track, the internal standings could now change.