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If you said 4 of these 7 sentences, you must be working on your thinking!

If you said 4 of these 7 sentences, you must be working on your thinking!

The basics in brief

  • Pessimism is a negative attitude towards life.

  • There can be different reasons why people are pessimistic: upbringing, negative experiences, and insecurity for example.

  • Optimism is the opposite of pessimism.

Is your glass half full or half empty? With our seven questions, you’ll find out if you really are a pessimist and should work on your thinking.

This indicates that you are pessimistic

It is better for an optimist to be wrong than a pessimist who is always right – you know the saying? Whether you live life as an optimist or a pessimist directly determines how happy you are. Of course it is not the only piece of the puzzle of personal happiness, but it affects many areas of your life. As cliché as it may sound, optimism is what no one can take notice of us and what stays with us, even when things are not going well.

Being optimistic doesn’t mean always being in a good mood, nor does it mean always believing in the good in everything and everyone. Rather, it means not losing hope and facing challenges and difficult times with a confident and life-affirming attitude. Optimism is closely related to manifestation: many people are convinced that they can create their own reality with the power of their thoughts. Of course, this attitude also has an impact on your charisma.

This goes against pessimism, also known as a dismissive attitude. Pessimistic people do not have a positive attitude, are often skeptical, have little or no expectations, and have practically given up hope (of a good life). There are two different types of pessimists: those who show their opinions to everyone without being asked and create a toxic atmosphere, and those who have already given up but usually keep their negative attitude towards themselves. Either way, pessimism weighs heavily on you and those around you.

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No one is a pessimist just because they’re having a bad day or because they have a hard time believing in the good. We all know these stages. Difference is the basic attitude towards life.

Pessimists assume that the cause of unpleasant events is permanent and universal. In addition, they carry these negative events to the general public, that is, to their whole life. It can stem from low self-esteem and a lot of dissatisfaction. It is not uncommon for pessimists to blame themselves for what happens to them.

But what about you? Is the glass always half full or half empty for you? Here are the common phrases pessimists love to say. If these sound familiar to you, it’s time to work on your view of yourself, your life, and the world! Change what you can change and take advantage of everything you have for granted.

1. “I prefer not to expect anything before I get angry afterwards.”

Are you trying to protect yourself by not having any expectations of anything or anyone? Give yourself and the world a chance! You have the right to have expectations about people and situations, but you also need to do something about them.

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2. “I suppose the worst, the disappointment will not be so great.”

This sentence mainly arises from self-protection, but unfortunately it is not the right way. It’s not just important for your mental health to start out positive. Worst case can of course happen, but it doesn’t have to! What a waste of energy when you are negative all the time.

3. “I’m just a realist!”

A classic among pessimists! Yes, some people might do well with a little naivety, but what does “realism” even mean in this context? This is an indication that you do not envy others for their softness of heart and positive attitude towards life.

4. “It’s always good to look at the negatives first.”

Is it really? We wouldn’t do most of the exciting and rewarding things in life if we focused on the negative aspects first. Because it’s always been there – and if it’s not there, it’s not particularly hard for pessimists to find it.

5. “I am one of those people who are always unlucky.”

This is a very fine line, because there is often a lot of self-pity hidden behind that sentence. Yes, there are people who are particularly lucky in life and others who have to work or fight harder for their happiness. However, you don’t gain anything from constantly keeping that in mind and looking down on others. Focus on your life and improve everything you can!

6. “When something good happens to me, I am skeptical at first.”

Did you have a great date or were you accepted for a job? Instead of just enjoying the moment and feeling happy, do you directly question the whole thing? Is it too good to be true? There must be something wrong with it? Please no!

7. “I often marvel at the gullibility of others.”

Most of the people around you are naive and heading straight for their doom?! Have you ever thought of confusing naivety with optimism?

Conclusion: If you say or think 4 of these sentences (or even more) over and over again, you most likely have a very pessimistic attitude towards life. Work on it – so you can be more at peace with yourself and your life.