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Several members of the Brandenburg state government met personally with Tesla CEO Elon Musk, but not Environment Minister Axel Vogel, whose management was directly involved in the company’s German plant. That was one of the pieces of information that Vogel and colleagues provided on Friday in a Press conference marking the approval of the Gigafactory in Grünheide near Berlin gifts. In the evening, Musk thanked the Ministry of Environment via Twitter. Because with the grant it is now possible to start production and delivery of the German Model Y – at least in principle.

Tesla still has to prove compliance

The approval, which contains 500 good pages and more than 20,000 pages of accompanying material, was submitted to Tesla representatives on Friday, Prime Minister Dietmar Wiedek said at the press conference. The Environment Ministry later released a photo with two rows of files and a thick document in the middle. If Tesla had not previously submitted 19 requests for early measures on its decommissioning liability and was approved, the company should only start construction now. But the German Gigafactory was already largely finished and allowed to build the 2,000 Model Y as a test.

The Ministry of Environment announced in the evening that these prior permits had been completed. You can appeal the decision, which is certainly expected, but this does not have a suspensive effect. Tesla can certainly finish building the Gigafactory, and the number of Model Y produced there is also limited to just 500,000 per year. However, the “running” of the plant, which should be a prerequisite for selling electric cars to customers, has not yet been allowed: before that, the authorities still have to check whether Tesla meets the additional provisions, the ministry wrote.

Even without direct contact with the minister, Musk appeared to be the Tesla boss making it clear that this step still had to be taken before the German factory could really get started. In any case, it was already reported earlier in the week that the permit would be granted by Friday at the latest – and less than three weeks later, Musk wants to come to Germany, To deliver the first 30 Model Y models from Grünheide to customers (It is celebrated at the federal level.) Environment Secretary Fogel confirmed at Friday’s press conference that Tesla has set two weeks to complete the high-profile evidence.

Prototype production begins

The first Tesla Model Y made in Germany should be delivered before the end of March. Towards the end of the week, the factory said production was already going well. There was talk of a 70 Model Y back in the day. According to information spread on Twitter, there were up to 100 Y models per day and 1,000 charts per week by the end of April. A second shift is scheduled for the end of June and used in the third or fourth quarter of this year Domestically produced battery cells in the format 4680 Begins. At the moment, the Tesla plant in China has no problem delivering the finished batteries with its old 2,170 cells with up to 5,000 Model Ys per week.

However, Friday brought bad news for Tesla: in the evening, the Administrative Court in Frankfurt announced that der Oder that the plaintiff is in action to increase The water withdrawal by the water association responsible for the Giga plant is partially correct I got. As a result, plant start-up does not appear to be in immediate danger. But the issue of water, which early on showed a tendency to become the biggest obstacle for the electric car plant in Brandenburg, remains a problem.

It could have at least affected other plans: according to a February report Tesla has already doubled its major German Gigafactory to twice the capacity Planned, in which there will also be space on the site, but this project has been postponed indefinitely. Environment Secretary Vogel said Friday that Tesla has not received any requests for a potential expansion at this time.