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YB is actually champion – but Logano prevents the celebration

YB is actually champion – but Logano prevents the celebration

YB fans are already celebrating.Image: Cornerstone

Even after the third to last round of the Premier League, Young Boys are yet to be confirmed as champions. The defending champions beat St. Gallen 3-1 after falling behind, but their chasers Lugano are also doing their homework against Winterthur.

May 16, 2024 at 10:42 pmMay 16, 2024 at 11:12 pm

YB – St. Gallen 3:1

A good number of 30,084 spectators came to Wankdorf on Thursday evening in anticipation of the championship celebration. Thanks to goals from Meshack Elia (51st minute) and Cedric Itten (71st and 94th minutes), they also achieved the win they were hoping for at home against St. Gallen. But the corks were not allowed to pop because the pursuers Logano also beat Winterthur (4:2).

“It looks really good and we can definitely celebrate a little bit. But of course we feel relieved when it's all confirmed.”

Double scorer Cedric Itten

The tournament celebration was canceled on this rainy evening in Wankdorf. But the title race, which has at times been a snail's pace, will no longer be exciting. Young Boys now enter the final two matches against Servette (away) and Winterthur (home) with six points, and thanks to a much better goal difference (+38 to +19), they don't necessarily have that. Need another point.

After falling behind early to St. Gallen, Young Boys were denied a loss of two home games in a row for the first time in more than seven years following a 1-0 defeat to Lugano last weekend. A home defeat to St. Gallen would have been almost historically significant: it would have been East Switzerland's first away win over Young Boys since a 3-2 win on 20 March 2005.

Jovan Milosevic, who replaced the injured Willem Goebbels in St. Gallen's two-man attack, scored just 161 seconds after kick-off in his second appearance in the starting line-up following a temporary winter transfer from Stuttgart. A perfect cross came from his strike partner, Chadrack Akolo.

“It's got a bit of a 'celebration of heroism' thing going on. Too bad it's not quite official yet.”

YB defender Lewin Bloom

The response from the hosts was a long time coming, especially since Al-Shabab players lacked accuracy at the end and Sylvère Ganvola (7), Cheikh Niasse (11) and Gawain Hajim (29) all missed the goal initially, as did Castriot Emery, one of Al-Shabab's players. Four new players in YB's starting lineup after the defeat to Lugano. Only after the break did YB finally convert their attacking qualities into goals in the form of two headed goals to make it 2-1 and an Itten counter-attack for the final score. Saidi Janko also denied St. Gallen's equalizer from Bastien Touma before scoring the third goal on the goal line.

Cedric Itten (YB) celebrates after scoring the goal to make it 2-1 in the Premier League match between BSC Young Boys and FC St. Gallen, on Thursday, May 16, 2024 at the Wankdorf Stadium in Bern.  (Keystone/Peter Klaunzer...

Cedric Itten scored two goals against his former club.Image: Cornerstone

Young Boys – St. Gallen 3:1 (0:1)
30,084 spectators. S. R. Sibelli.
Portals: 3. Milošević (Akulu) 0:1. 51. Elijah (edit) 1: 1. 71. Eten (Bloom) 2: 1. 94. Eten (Genvola) 3: 1.
Little boys: Of moss ball. Bloom (85. Yanko), Camara, Aminda, Hajam; Niasse (56. Lakoumé), Lauber; Male (56. Eten), Emery (85. Mvuka); Genvola (96 Lustenberger), Elijah.
St. Gallen: Ziggy. Zanotti, Diaby (75 Mbembe), Falci, Okoroji; Gurtler, Quintela, Fitzig (82. Thomas); Stefanović (Schmidt 72); Milosevic (Schubert 82), Akolo (Ruiz 72).
Warnings: 34. Gurtler, 37. Camara, 50. Zanotti, 78. Hajam, 79. Blum, 86. Elia, 89. von Palmuss.

Lugano – Winterthur 4:2

FC Lugano continues its good run and takes a big step towards qualifying for the Champions League after beating its guest Winterthur 4-2. With a difference of six points and 19 goals behind leaders YB, it has become difficult to achieve the championship title. The three points on Thursday evening are important for Lugano as far as second place is concerned. The lead over Servette increased to four points. In the penultimate round, second place can be guaranteed, which qualifies them to participate in the second qualifying round of the Champions League, even before the two duels against Servet, first in the Premier League final and then in the cup final. .

Against Winterthur, Logano responded strongly to the setback by conceding a goal from FCW top scorer Alden Turks in the 27th minute. After Turks' ninth goal of the season, Lugano captain Jonathan Sabatini equalized just before half-time. Swiss internationals Oran Bislemye (49th) and Renato Steffen (67th) scored twice after the break to make it 3-1. For Beslemy, it was the seventh goal of the season, while for Steffen it was the sixth with 13 assists.

Renato Steffen of Lugano, left, celebrates his goal with Oran Beslemmi during the FC Lugano vs. FC Winterthur Premier League match, at the Cornaredo Stadium in Lugano, Thursday, May 16, 20...

A championship title is almost impossible – but participation in the Champions League qualifiers is becoming increasingly possible thanks to Renato Steffen and Oran Beslemy (R).Image: Cornerstone

For Winterthur, who conceded his fourth goal from league top scorer Zane Sellar shortly after the match finished 2:3, the big happy ending under Patrick Frame, who moves to YB, became less likely after a fifth successive defeat. The difference between the European Cup qualifying places is now five points.

Lugano – Winterthur 4:2 (1:1)
2812 spectators. Real Kanagasingham.
Portals: 27. Trix (Fofana) 0:1. 43. Sabatini (Espinoza) 1:1. 49. Basalimi (Gergic) 2: 1. 67. Stephen (May) 3: 1. 87. Burkart (De Giusto) 3: 2. 89. Sellar 4: 2.
Lugano: Saybe. Mayo, El Wafi (79 stone), Valenzuela; Espinosa, Grgic (58. Mahmoud), Sabatini, Maho (58. Aliseda); Bislemy (Magic Seventy); Vladi (70 s.l.), Stephen.
Winterthur: sexton; Seidler, Lekaj, Arnold, Diaby (68. Chatin); Sneijder (46. Di Giusto), Zoffi (64. Korbaz), Stillhart (79. Dürer), Fofana (68. Burkart); Baron, Turks. (NI/DAP)


Top scorers in Switzerland since 1990


Top scorers in Switzerland since 1990

1989/90: Ivan Zamorano, St. Gallen, 23 goals.

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