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Presenter of the “Rundschau” program on the SRF channel about Honegger: “Oh, his ear…”

Presenter of the “Rundschau” program on the SRF channel about Honegger: “Oh, his ear…”

Well, what was happening?

But it's all from the beginning. As usual, Franziska Ramser announces the next program at the end of the political show. “Then follows ‹10vor10› with Arthur Honegger and what topics does the moderator say in his direction?”

The camera then pans to Honegger's studio. But the SRF man looks different. There's something wrong with his ear. Because his earphone doesn't fit properly.

Ramser also noticed this immediately. It's too stupid for those watching to hear about it. “Oh, his ear!” says the “Rundschau” presenter in the background. By now, everyone in front of the television should have noticed Honegger's smashed ear. And maybe make some people smile.

But let that dissuade you? Not with Honegger! The character “10vor10” moderates professionally and seriously until the end. Not even his colleague Franziska Ramser's comment could bother him. Even if he heard it.

This is not the first time there has been a minor breakdown in SRF's live TV broadcast. And every now and then this happens to Arthur Honegger.

This was also the case in March, when the 45-year-old wanted to start moderating the “10vor10” ad. However, he then gave an unintentionally inflammatory speech. Because the audio problems made it difficult to understand the SRF man.

SRF explained the noise breakdown to as follows: “Arthur Honegger's microphone slipped and made a crackling noise.”