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Highlights of Phil Mickelson's highlights on and off the field in 2021

Highlights of Phil Mickelson’s highlights on and off the field in 2021

Phil Mickelson is a golf legend. After nearly 30 years in professional sports, he’s proven it time and time again. Since 1992, he has been presenting touching successes and unique moments. We look back to a year with Mickelson, which features flips, records, jokes, admiration and fury.

Phil Mickelson becomes the biggest major winner of all time

Perhaps Phil Mickelson’s greatest success in 2021 will be his victory in the PGA Championship at Kiawah Island Golf Resort. On May 23, 2021, Lefty made history. After a thrilling head-to-head race with trip partner Brooks Koepka on the final day of the PGA Championship, Mickelson was able to take the lead by two strokes: He won his sixth major title at the age of 51. This makes him the oldest major winner ever – an impressive achievement. Despite a mediocre 2020/21 season on the PGA Tour, the left-footed player showed what he can do and surprised his younger teammates and fans alike.

PGA Tour Champions Played With Mickelson “Left”

Mickelson’s age this year was not only crucial to setting a new record, but also crucial to securing a PGA Tour Champions entry ticket. His 2020 debut in the “First League” was fantastic: first start, first win. Mickelson also finished the tournament in second place at number one on the leaderboard.

His streak of success continued at the PGA Tour Champions this year. Four more starts – including two more wins. The bottom line is that he’s won two-thirds of his PGA Tour Champions appearance. One. A balance sheet that he can probably live with. He appears to be able to leave the new competition behind with his “links”.

Lefty also made a lasting impression on Twitter

Mickelson was always present not only on the golf course, but also on Twitter. So he couldn’t help replying to one tweet or another about his latest hit, the Major’s Victory, with a sarcastic remark. Amid the tweet saying, “I still can’t believe we just watched 50-year-old Phil Mickelson win a major,” Mickelson dryly followed, “Neither am I.” On the 18th of the Grand Slam, he was followed by a huge crowd of fans who couldn’t keep their hands off Mickelson. One user asks: “Great victory.. what happened to the idiot who caught you…” Mickelson jokes: “I stabbed him in the ribs, then let him go.” Michaelson repeatedly allowed himself to make sarcastic comments, making himself popular with the public.

With an appearance in a promotional video for the brand “Mizzen + Mine,” Lefty has shown that he doesn’t take himself too seriously either. As part of the video, he danced in his living room in underwear – lovely!

Mickelson also used his Twitter account to vent his anger. So he showed on social media that he totally disagrees with the new rules of R&A and the USGA. They have introduced a height list for the height of the driver in order to prevent players from hitting more and more and thus avoiding the obstacles characteristic of the courses. Mickelson complained on Twitter that the new system was “pathetic” and would hurt the growing popularity of golf. The American does not utter his words.

With his superb athletic performance and unique yet elegant style, Phil Mickelson delivered poignant and memorable moments in golf in 2021, which give hope for unique moments in the year ahead, both sportingly and personally. .