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Der SC Rapid Lübeck spielt eine bisher starke Verbandsliga-Saison

“Winning second place until the end of the season!” – SC Rapid Lübeck in the entire Federation League is on its way

Christmas holidays are approaching, and the days of contemplation will come. After an amazing and nerve-wracking first half of the season, the entire SC Rapid Lübeck team should look forward to these quieter, football-free days.


Lately, Lübeck’s team has been in the spotlight on media attention several times, and the certainly unpleasant thing was to give up the game shortly before the end of the home game against SV Hamberge (we mentioned), which has now been spelled out by both sports. The court and the management of the SCR club itself were addressed and punished. In terms of sport, things are more than satisfactory for Blue-Yellows: With 24 points from 13 games, they are solid second during the winter break, and behind leaders 1. FC Phönix Lübeck II also have the goal best, with a 30:19 goal difference.

SCR coach Christian Arp: “We are definitely more than satisfied with our second place in the table!”

SCR coach Christian Arp, who recently extended his contract with Team Rapid along with assistant coach Rene Sternberg (we mentioned), came to a similarly positive interim conclusion: “We’re definitely more than satisfied with second place in the table. Phoenix Reserve’s dominance hasn’t been in terms of The overall package is really a surprise.” On the basis of this strong first half of the season, the league club, which incidentally has much better rates away from home than at home, now also wants to throw everything in the second half of the season.

“We would like to keep second place in the table until the end of the season and we know it won’t be easy because of the tightness in the chase field,” says coach Arp regarding competitors SVG Pönitz (also 24 points), VfL Vorwerk (23 points), SG Sarau / Bosau (21 points, 12 games) and Eintracht Gross Gronau (20 points, 12 games).

“It is likely that the District Cup final against Eichholz will also be a significant event and the win will be another cherry on the cake!”

Another great success that the club managed to score this year was the entry to the finals of the Lubeck Region Cup. There she will meet the national league team Eichholzer SV in May next year. So the final underdog is especially looking forward to this enticing final at the end of the season: “It is likely that the District Cup final against Eichholz will also be a significant event and victory will once again be the cherry on the cake.” The first competitive match of the new year stands at SC Rapid Lübeck on 27 March – then to mark the absolute first match of the resumption of the League, you will be a guest at 1. FC Phönix Lübeck II.