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Hi Netzwelt: Dealing with grief for broken football fans

Hi Netzwelt: Dealing with grief for broken football fans


Still frustrated with the end of the season in the Bundesliga? Hallo Netzwelt has the right antidote – like a deep hole to crawl into. This is the most important news of the week.

Not every football fan has had as much reason to celebrate as Ted Laso did this past weekend. (Source: Apple TV+)

  1. China is digging

  2. “One of the greatest experiences of my life”

  3. Netflix wants to know what kind of TV you have in your house

  4. That was the other top news of the week

  5. joke of the week

  6. He puts a lot of effort into this. We look forward to a recommendation!

The season ended dramatically for many football fans. The song “Hello Netzwelt” helps to deal with grief. As an antidote, we have a deep hole to crawl into and many Jude Law faces on display, among other things. But first you have to tell Netflix which TV is in your living room. It takes you through the week’s top stories on the self-balancing scooter – The Jan.

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Wow that was exciting! We are of course talking about the end of the season in the Bundesliga. Bayern Munich came close to dethroning him after ten years as perennial champions. There was only one target missing. This report from China, which we got this week, is no less exciting. There, work began on a 10-kilometer-deep hole.

China is digging

The work has begun: China wants to drill 10,000 meters deep into the earth. (Source: YouTube screenshot)

The Chinese government wants to create enough space for the BVB team and its supporters to dive into the ground timidly in the losing tournament. Sorry – I couldn’t resist scrolling. After all, we rarely laugh in Hamburg when it comes to football.

There is, of course, another scientific reason for digging. It is hoped that this will provide new insights into earthquake protection. By the way, the deepest hole in the Earth will not be in China, this one is there here.

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