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Here's what Heidi says about the finalists

Here’s what Heidi says about the finalists

“Now it’s more difficult,” says Heidi, after a decision-making career in the semi-finals. “Because they were all great.” At the end of Episode 16 of “Germany’s Next Top Model” in 2021, Heidi still has to make a decision: Who will participate in the GNTM Grand Final? Yasmine ends the trip in the semi-finals. The remaining five models get their tickets to the Final.

These are Heidi’s finalists

But Ashley made a decision herself. On her own request, she will not compete in the GNTM Final.

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Diversity until the finals

The GNTM 2021 Final features the all-season motto: Diversity Invest. Several finalists convinced Heidi in very different ways, as the top model now reveals.

Here’s what Heidi says about the finalists Alex

Alex I noticed one thing from the second – but not because he’s particularly loud or racy, but because it exudes a very special calm and a lot of self-confidence. She manages the balance between high fashion and trade perfectly and you can see the joy and fire of this job in the look of her eyes. Alex stands for diversity, without emphasizing “difference,” but more through normalization. I think Alex is really a great role model for a lot of people. “

Heidi on Dasha: “I really enjoyed this job”

“This is no secret – I have wanted a model with strong curves for a long time, who comes to me with self-confidence, without needing to tickle her with all my strength. Dasha She always comes to the site with a big smile and has so much fun with this job that it hits everyone around her with joy. You can always say that she will not be in a better place at this moment than she was in front of the camera. “

Finalist Romina enchanted Heidi

At a height of 1.68 meters Romina The youngest model I took to the finals. She is young and is armed with loving nature, harmonious body, and seductive frown. But Romina and the crowd not only charmed me with her style, but above all with her modeling talent. “

Solin in the GNTM Final: Here’s what Heidi says about the model

flood He has a very strong character. She is a girl who is not afraid to speak her mind and wants to offend her. She didn’t let anyone or anything stop her from giving everything for her dream and I find that impressive. I love her unique career, her exceptional posture and looks. She stands out from the crowd and I’m sure will go a long way with her in the future. “

The Grand Finale in GNTM 2021

The GNTM Final will be held in May 27, 2021. You can watch the live show at 8:15 PM on ProSieben Or watch it live or follow it on the livestream tape. As a special live action, Hotel Tokyo will appear with VIZE and introduce their new single.

You can find more information about the GNTM Finalists here.

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