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That's really how much Jessens' fortune is

That’s really how much Jessens’ fortune is

The Jesuits showed their decadent life on television for ten years. Robert Jess made his fortune early by selling his company.

The basics are in brief

  • On their show, Geissens flaunt their degenerate lives.
  • Robert Jess earned his first million selling his first company.
  • For RTL 2’s production, it earns 2.5 million per season.

With expensive cars, in an expensive villa or on an expensive yacht, in Dubai, Monaco or Saint-Tropez. Everything seems very expensive in Geissens’ life. After how much money Actually TV family?

Robert (57) and Carmen Gies (56) have been appearing with them since 2011 Daughters Davina (17) and Shania (16) on TV. Entitled “The Geissens – An Terribly Charmed Family”, it is running on family life RTL 2.

In it, they brag about their decadent life. With the new Lamborghini Urus breaks a wheel, new tire brought from Monaco without further ado helicopter. No problem for Robert Jess.

Because according to “TV Movie” he has a fortune of nearly 22 million euro. But it should have been more clear.

Robert Jess made a lot of money at a young age. According to the Berliner Courier report, at the age of 20 he founded the company “Uncle Sam” with his brother Michael. This sportswear is sold to bodybuilders.

Nine years later, the brothers sold the company – for 140 million DM, about 70 million euro. Robert didn’t want to be satisfied with that: he got into the luxury real estate business. He bought expensive palaces, repaired them and sold them again.

Geissens produce the same rings

It has been splitting up since 2011 RTL 2- His luxurious life with fans – and he gets fame and money for that. His company “Geiss TV” has been producing the episodes by himself for eight years. This brings the number of the Jessens family to about 2.5 million euro One for each season.

Together with His wife is Carmen In 2013 he published his autobiography “Von nix geht nix”. This placed him on the list of bestsellers for «Spiegel». They also founded the Robert Gisenyi clothing brand.

How do you find the “Jessens family – a terribly charming family”?

In addition to the show, Carmen Guess also has some sources of income. She released nine singles and 1 album. It also sells its own fitness and nutrition programs.

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