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Her stepson wants the royal spotlight

Her stepson wants the royal spotlight

The drama in the Principality of Monaco never ends.

Firstly, it is rumored that Princess Charlene of Monaco, 45, should not live in the palace anymore, but rather in Switzerland. And now her stepson is speaking too. He wants to establish himself on his father’s side.

Alexandre Grimaldi (20 years old) is the illegitimate son of Prince Albert (65 years old). It stemmed from an affair with former flight attendant Nicole Coast (51). Nicole has repeatedly spoken disparagingly about Charlene of Monaco in the past. She wants to compete for her place in the palace.

In the French magazine “Point de Vue”, Alexandre now also makes it clear: in the future he sees himself at Albert’s side and not in the shadow of his half-brothers Jacques and Gabriella (9).

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Business Student: “My dad’s name is Grimaldi, so it makes sense that I should be called that, too. I never called myself Costi or Costi Grimaldi.” And he’s very clear: “To call me the illegitimate son of Prince Albert is an insult!”

In the future he wants to do the same thing Papa Albert did and start his own charitable foundation. “All the friends of my older brothers, whose fathers were entrepreneurs, work with their fathers (…) and they are very happy about it. So I have no concerns about that.”

Although Alexander was Albert’s eldest son, he was not included in the line of succession. This is because it is illegal. Thus nine-year-old Jack is his father’s successor. According to media reports, he and his sister Gabriela are currently living with their mother in Switzerland.

Will Albert change the rule for the illegitimate son to become his heir? Somewhat unlikely. But it will be possible. Because: as head of state he has the power to do so.