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Livigno receives a shitstorm because of its summer cross-country ski slope

Livigno receives a shitstorm because of its summer cross-country ski slope


Thunderstorm due to summer ski slope – that’s why

A special cross-country race was held near the Swiss border on Thursday. The fact that the place is covered in snow during a heatwave doesn’t suit almost anyone.


A ski slope for cross-country skiing in a heatwave isn’t for many people.

20 minutes/no

  • The cross-country race was held in Livigno this week.

  • There is a lot of criticism online of the winter sports event amid the heat wave.

  • The snow used for this event is from last winter.

The Italian city of Livigno, close to the Swiss border, is famous as a ski resort. But ski equipment for many locals in the village of about 7,000 is not only necessary in the winter months: at the end of August, the 1K Shot and Gara da li Contrada races take place in Livigno.

This year’s edition took place on August 24. While professional cross-country skiing athletes compete in a 1K Shot race on a one-kilometre route, Gara da li Contrada, which translates to ‘quarter race’, is a more fun class. Locals also compete on a one-kilometre track, most of them dressed in old-fashioned clothes and with old equipment.

Lots of rage online

The community officially announced the start of the race on Instagram — and received a storm of comments: “Crazy. If you don’t respect the mountains, this is the end. In one of the strongest heatwaves in decades,” one community user slammed. Another complains, “The snowfall in August is just a gimmick to keep tourists happy, not to mention the energy required.” Others express their displeasure with a series of thumbs-up or clown emojis.

There is only isolated encouragement, and it is clear that criticism outweighs criticism. Because even in the Italian city, temperatures have exceeded 20 degrees in the past few days. However, the snow for the race was not produced artificially, but has been preserved since winter using the so-called snow growing method, the municipality of Livigno writes on its website.

This is how snow farming works

Larger areas of ice or snow are covered with white fleece. They reflect the sun’s rays and at the same time keep the temperature low. Even if the snow is not artificially produced, opinions differ on the Internet as to whether ski racing is justified during a heat wave.

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