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Her enemy Katy Perry is more popular than her

Her enemy Katy Perry is more popular than her

As we all know, things with neighbors are always like this…

Prince Harry (39) and Meghan Markle (42) also felt this way. The former royals lost out to their neighbors in the poll.

Host Rob Shuter, who runs the “Naughty But Nice” podcast, recently tweeted “Poll of the Day.”

He asked listeners to do the following: You have to choose between Harry and Meghan Markle and their neighbors Katy Perry (39) and Orlando Bloom (46).

In “X” the question was asked: “Which couple would you rather be friends with?” The majority of survey participants voted for Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom!

Recently, rumors have been circulating about tensions between Meghan Markle and Katy Perry. The singer is said to have made a comment about the former actress’ wedding in 2018.

And Meghan Markle must still be upset about that day!

In an interview with “Entertainment Tonight,” Perry hinted at Meghan’s wedding dress.

“I was going to do another installation!” said the singer. She then added that Princess Kate, 41, “would have won” in her wedding dress at the time.

“Kate won, I’m sorry! “I will never stop telling the truth,” Katy Perry said.

On the other hand, Orlando Bloom sometimes sought contact with his neighbor, Prince Harry. “Meghan can’t forgive Katie for this,” they say. “She’s known for holding grudges.”

It was leaked that the talks were friendly and cordial. Incidentally, this was the first time Charles and Harry had spoken to each other since April, shortly before Charles’ coronation.

An insider: “The king has been very busy, but he is polite and loves his son and grandchildren. He’s not so mean that he won’t take a call on his birthday.”