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Heavy rain in Haiti – Brenza Latin

The company pointed out that one person had died and 149 homes had been damaged, with Jean Raphael, a commune in the northwestern sector, still in a state of equilibrium, with some areas still submerged in floodwaters.

Two more died in the town of Boise Lance in the northern port, while three others are missing in the same area.

More than 1,270 homes were flooded in the Northeastern provinces of Terrier-Rouge, Caracol and True-to-Nord, while heavy rains hit the main streets of Cape Haitian, the country’s second-largest city.

Civil Defense announced it would provide shelter for 137 families in the Northeast, and 85 people were mobilized for safe havens in Cape Haitian.

Haiti is under the influence of an almost stable front system, mainly affecting the central, northern, northeastern and northwestern sectors, and the situation is expected to continue until tomorrow, Tuesday.

This Monday, Prime Minister Joseph Jude announced that the government would provide assistance to the victims and called for an urgent mobilization of the Ministries of Home Affairs, Social Affairs and Public Works.

Authorities have repeatedly urged people to follow civil defense guidelines, evacuate high-risk areas and warn of floods and landslides.

Last year, a tropical storm Laura killed thirty people and left eight missing, as well as extensive material damage to more than 6,000 homes.

Experts point out that severe deforestation, which affects 98 percent of Haiti’s territory, is one of the factors exacerbating the impact of these disasters.

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