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Ecuador election campaign enters final extension | News

The second round of the Ecuadorian general election is entering its defining phase, as this phase will officially end next Thursday, followed by 48 hours of election silence, so citizens are ready for Sunday, April 11th. The right to vote.

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The two candidates who made it to the second round, Andres Aras (UNES) and Guillermo Lasso (Cryo), held their rallies in the midst of an exceptional situation centered on eight provinces, for which they adjusted their tactics. Support for Sunday’s election.

According to analysts such as Rebecca Morla, these last days of the campaign are important because votes are being won in the region. This time, he said, it was necessary to capture the votes of the undecided. He commented that the candidate who manages to pacify the citizens and better connect them will be the winner.

Diana Atmond, chairwoman of the National Electoral Council (CNE), recalled that despite the targeted exception, the dates of the election calendar have not changed, while all the restrictions put in place make it clear that they have nothing to do with the organization. Process. Meanwhile, adviser Jose Cabrera noted that representatives of Younes and Grio had been invited to a conversation so that they could skip the meeting at the end of the campaign.

The Attorney General thus referred to the curfew order and the ban on mass public events from 20:00 to 05:00. The resolution adopted by the National Emergency Response Team (COE) indicates that no restrictions can be construed as restricting political participation or suspending the electoral process.

The UNESCO candidate met with representatives of the Amazon people and national coordinators in Quito on Sunday. The meeting comes a day after Jaime Vargas, the expanded leader of the Federation of Indigenous Nations of Ecuador (Conai), announced his support for Andres Aras in the second round of elections.

Guillermo Lasso, on the other hand, is making his final tours. According to the schedule, the leader of Krio will be in Loja this Monday and then in Zamora Chinchip. On Tuesday morning, Lasso will visit Asox, and in the afternoon he will be in Queenga. On Wednesday he will carry out the entire program in Quito, and on Thursday he will conclude his campaign in Guayaquil. Over the past week, the cryo-PSC candidate has intensified his promotion to minorities and groups such as the agriculture sector, rural areas and tribal people.

Atomic promised that candidates would be able to continue with the proselytizing campaign until Thursday 23:59, in accordance with local regulations established by each municipality.