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Russia approves anti-Nazi law – Brenza Latin

Representatives of the Russian State Duma (lower house of parliament) proposed plans to amend the law on criminal liability for insulting veterans of the Great Patriotic War in February.

Irina Yarovia, vice-president of the event, proposed to classify the spread of deliberate misinformation about the soldiers of the Great Patriotic War as one of the rehabilitative forms of Nazism.

He explained that the initiative came from members of the United Russia party in the Duma, but was supported by other organizations, according to the DOS news agency.

Yarovia recalled that the amendments to the Constitution established the “unconditional moral value” of the heroic actions of the Russian people in the Great Patriotic War.

For spreading deliberate misinformation about the activities and soldiers of the Soviet Union during World War II, the new rules impose fines of up to three million rubles (approximately 000 39,000) or imprisonment for up to three years.

Rehabilitation of Nazism, previously banned by the authorities and the media, will be illegal for any Russian citizen on the Internet under the new law, with two million (29 thousand dollars) and five million rubles (65 thousand), or imprisonment for up to five years.

Russian penal law establishes that those who publicly insult the memory, insult the honor and dignity of World War II veterans, or denounce Nazi crimes and deny the decisions of the Nuremberg tribunal that promote Nazi rehabilitation will be fined.

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