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Hearn wins the catch-up game and finishes sixth

Hearn wins the catch-up game and finishes sixth

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Herner EV Miners – Foxes Duisburg 5:3 (1:0, 1:2, 3:1)

Although Duisburg had called in advance to support Herner with a visit after their fair transfer of the match, only 728 spectators turned up. They saw the tense Harner E.V., who didn’t want to make any defensive mistakes and for a long time seemed vain to his attacking power after the last two games without conceding a goal. It wasn’t until ten minutes later that Schmirer scored the lead, which Duisburg overturned and after 40 minutes the tie was based on a performance. The double whammy of Shamir and Bizis ultimately came down to the preliminary decision. However, Linus Wernerson brought Leback Duisburg back again and only an empty netter from Nieleck tipped the scales in favor of Herner. HEV overtook Leipzig and are now sixth again, but still nine points behind Halle.

Goals: 1: 0 (09:29) Brandon Schmeier (Nelek, Kohler 5-4), 1: 1 (25:55) Pontus Wernerson Lebak (El Wernerson Lebak, Oski), 1: 2 (30:08) Mark. Heatley (Behlau, Tarashewski), 2: 2 (32:31) Brandon Schmeier (Köhler, Lesgang 5-4), 3: 2 (51:48) Brandon Schmeier (Hofner, Koehler 5-4), 4: 2 (52 ): 41) Elvis Bezais (Gottwald, Swinen), 4: 3 (55:01) Linus Wernerson Liebak (Nedved, Oski), 5: 3 (59:22) Lenard Nelek (Bezis, Swinen Eng)

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