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Nuclear fusion breakthrough in the United States


Solve the energy problem in the future? Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA.

It is a milestone on the road to clean energy. Scientists in the United States have made a historic breakthrough in the field of nuclear fusion. For the first time, the fusion of atomic nuclei produced more energy than was consumed, US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm announced in Washington on Tuesday. “Simply put, this is one of the most impressive scientific achievements of the 21st century.”

The results, obtained by a team of researchers at the state’s National Ignition Facility (NIF) at California’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, mark a milestone on the path to unlocking a new energy source. Within a few years, nuclear fusion could be used to generate large amounts of electricity in a safe, climate-neutral manner. However, it will likely be a long way to mass production because major technical hurdles remain.