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Habeck: East Germany in light of energy supplies

Habeck: East Germany in light of energy supplies

Magdeburg. In the words of Federal Economy Minister Robert Habeck, East Germany should not be neglected when it comes to creating new import opportunities as an alternative to Russian energy sources.

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The green politician said on Monday during a visit to Magdeburg, the capital of the state of Saxony-Anhalt.

East Germany relies heavily on Russia’s Druzhba pipeline for oil supplies. So far, the two large refineries Leuna and Schwedt have been supplied with Russian oil from the pipeline. While replacements for Leuna have already been launched, Schwedt’s Russian operator Rosneft has not yet been interested in doing so, according to Habeck. On Monday afternoon, Habeck wanted to visit the refinery in Leona.

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Saxony Prime Minister Anhalt Rainer Haselof (CDU) said he had the impression that sanctions against Russia are currently being used in such a way that there are no winners on one side and losers on the other, but the entire economy has always been looked at. Over the next few months, you have to manage to get alternative raw materials. Hasilov said that it was unacceptable for the economy to be destabilized and that the goals of Russian President Vladimir Putin would be promoted directly and indirectly.

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In addition, environmental goals should not be jeopardized, the CDU politician said. According to him, plastics for wind turbines are produced in Leona. “This means that if we want to meet the climate goals at the same time, these production areas must remain operational.”

Habeck said that Saxony-Anhalt must still contemplate the economic consequences of German reunification. “The economic core still has after-effects to the great history of German unification, which was not always happy.” At the same time, Saxony-Anhalt is one of the states in which a new dynamic can be strongly observed. He referred to Intel’s plans to build two chip factories in Magdeburg. The country is also making progress in expanding renewable energies. “And I can see that Saxony has been doing well or is involved in expanding renewable energies in the past and certainly more in the future.”

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