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Great Britain expects thousands more immigrants on the English Channel

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Authorities expect thousands more immigrants on the English Channel

A group of immigrants is about to disembark from a local life boat in Kent after being taken away after a minor boat incident on the English Channel.

The immigrant group is about to disembark from the local Kent Life boat

Source: dpa / Gareth Fuller

The number of dangerous immigrants from France to Great Britain via the English Channel is already higher than last year. According to estimates, their number could rise to about 22,000 this year.

D.According to a media report, British authorities expect thousands more immigrants to cross the English Channel into Great Britain this year.

Englishman The Times That number could rise to 22,000 this year, according to the newspaper on Saturday. Citing sources at the border, the newspaper said the figure was in line with officials’ expectations.

The number of people crossing the strait illegally in small boats from the continent to the UK is already higher than last year. At least 8,452 immigrants have arrived on the English coast this week, according to figures from the British Home Office. In 2020, 8,417 people were counted.

The British government wants to support France with .7 62.7 million until next year, as more security forces detain immigrants off the coast of France. Immigrants from France often cross dangerously, especially when the weather is good. They often come from refugee camps, and many use the services of human traffickers.

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In order to fulfill the Brexit promise, Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to seal the country

Restoring control over one’s own borders is the main promise made by Brexit politicians. Home Minister Priti Patel has announced that she wants to give asylum seekers less rights than others for a long time to enter the country through illegal means.

Compared to other countries, the number of asylum seekers in the UK is relatively low: in Germany, by 2020, more than 100,000 first-time asylum applications were made. In the UK, officials are calling for twelve months ending March 2021 The number of asylum applications is approximately 27,000 for a good 32,000 people.