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Great Britain: 430 refugees cross the English Channel in 24 hours

At least 430 asylum seekers crossed the English Channel on Monday England Exceeded. The British government announced on Tuesday that the number had surpassed the previous daily high of 416 in September 2020.

The number of refugees has been increasing since the beginning of 2020, often crossing the strait in crowded rubber dinghies. When the summer weather is favorable, especially a large number of people go down the dangerous seas. According to By’s reportGuardianNevertheless, fewer refugees applied for asylum in Great Britain in 2020 than in previous years. There were 29,456 people in France (93,475) and significantly fewer applications Germany (121.955).

On Monday, a rubber dinghy with about 50 people, including women and small children, reached the coast of Kent in the south of England. When they came ashore, some of them happily threw up their hands.

The government says about 8,500 people came across the English Channel in Great Britain last year. Most of them embark on their dangerous journey France. However, both governments are arguing for solutions to the problem.

Britain pays border guards in France

Great Britain now wants to take action against illegal immigration with a new law. The maximum sentence for refugees entering the UK illegally should be raised from six months to four years. The accused kidnappers face life imprisonment. Great Britain is paying France 55 55 million (equivalent to .7 62.7 million) to strengthen border controls. The French coast should also be better monitored from the air.

“This law will finally address the issues that led to the illegal migration system,” Home Minister Priti Patel told parliament on Monday.

Aid agencies have criticized the law for not fighting the causes of the plane crash.