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Google Pixel 8 Pro – It’s convincing in testing, but it’s not a smartphone for everyone

Google Pixel 8 Pro – It’s convincing in testing, but it’s not a smartphone for everyone

In testing, the Google Pixel 8 Pro impressed with its overall overall concept. The 6.7-inch LTPO OLED display offers high pixel density, 1-120Hz refresh rate, and ultra-high brightness. Unfortunately, testing has shown that it may not be particularly eye-friendly as it does not have high-frequency PWM dimming on board and the measured frequencies are quite low.

In addition, there is a completely new Android 14 with seven years of updates, so Android 21 will also find its way to the Google smartphone. The company’s Tensor G3 processor is fast, but here comes the second, because Google’s SoC is much slower than the competition and models with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 aren’t even there. Many AI functions have also been outsourced to the cloud, including those performed by other manufacturers directly on the device.

Another advantage is the cameras, because even the quality of the additional lenses is at a high level. Here you really get a high-quality comprehensive package, from macro recording to powerful zooming. There’s a small problem: image stabilization is very good at long focal lengths, but live view lags. When shooting, there should be more options for frame rates, there is no 21:9 mode at all.

The Pixel 8 Pro uses USB 3.2, but only the slower version maxes out at 5Gb/s, which turned out to not be particularly fast even for such an interface in our burn test. Google’s smartphone also refuses to provide wired photo output.

The Google Pixel 8 Pro is definitely worth a recommendation. However, if you belong to the group of people who are sensitive to screen flicker, it is better to choose a model with high-frequency PWM dimming, such as the Honor Magic5 Pro. If video functionality is important to you, there’s no way around the iPhone 15 Pro (Max).

The Pixel 8 Pro can, among other things, connect directly Amazon It can be purchased in all memory and color options.