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GLN031 – Dominance, Proxmox, Singularity, School, Chess and Flatpak

Wednesday, February 1, 2023, Ralph Hersel

Episode 31 of the GLN Podcast taped January 26, 2023.

In this episode, Lioh, Ralf, and Ferdinand talk about the limitations of custom ROM smartphones and learn about the Proxmox Backup Server. We also discuss whether artificial intelligence will lead us to a technical singularity. In an interview, Roland tells us about his school, chess, and building Flatpaks.

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Notes appear

Google dominance

Proxmox Backup Server

In addition to Proxmox VE, there is Proxmox Backup Server (PBS), which can automatically backup VMs and containers from PVE. In addition, it can also back up non-PVE hosts.

technological exclusivity

  • Motors

    • Images: DALL-E, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, OpenJourney

    • Text: GPT 3.5 -> GPT 4, ChatGPT, Character.AI

    • TTS: VALL-E

    • Music:

  • events

    • AI Attorney (DoNotPay) representing clients

    • ChatGPT passes Minnesota law exams in constitutional law, tort law, and tax law. Same as student assignments: 95 multiple choice assignments plus 12 essay assignments.

    • Getty Images is suing StabiltyAI. Mid-flight artist class.

    • Shutterstock incorporates DALL-E

    • Nick Cave thinks that ChatGPT’s Cave-style words are nonsense. Artificial intelligence does not suffer, and artificial intelligence does not feel:

    • After 2 + 2 billion, another $ 10 billion from Microsoft to OpenAI for ChatGPT

  • Asks

Interview with Roland