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Giant meander at Are - Vlhova brings Shiffrin back to Pelle - Holdener Falls - Sports

Giant meander at Are – Vlhova brings Shiffrin back to Pelle – Holdener Falls – Sports


The giant winding zigzag at Are turns into a show by Petra Vlhova. The Slovakian makes the fight for the World Cup as a whole exciting again.


  • 1. Petra Flova (SVK) 1:14.80
  • 2. Marta Pacino (ITA) +1.24 seconds
  • 3. Michaela Shiffrin (USA) +1.70sec

The giant slalom slope in the Do suffered more and more with each rider. The grooves became grooves that grew into regular holes. With the previously loosened snow watered (in hindsight) before the final, the second run on the lit slope was no longer fun – until Petra Vlova was the last skater in the final. As in the first round, the Slovak led as if on the bars and trailed her opponent by 1.24secs and more. The Italian Marta Pacino approached her.

With 100 points under her belt, Vlhova is making the World Cup as a whole exciting once again. The 26-year-old enters the last 5 races of the season, only 77 points behind Michaela Schiffrin, who finished third in the R.

And in the race for the little crystal ball, everything is still open ahead of the last World Cup. Because Sarah Hector fell at home, the Swede (522 points), Tessa Worley and Shiffrin are only 51 points apart. Even Velhova (431) still has theoretical chances in first place.

The Swiss

  • 9. Michele Jessen +2.65.65
  • 12. Simon Wilde +3.15
  • 14. Vivian Harry +3.31
  • 19. Andrea Ellenberger +3.98
  • DNF: Wendy Holder

The Swiss ski team showed a compact performance in the Far North, but missed the top spots. Michelle Gezen made a huge mistake in the last part, which cost her a lot of time. However, the Engelberg native still ranked 10th. And behind them, Simon Wilde, Vivian Harry and Andrea Ellenberger could also be satisfied with their rankings.

The trio capitalized on their early starting numbers in the second round and created the groundwork in the final. Harry, who only scored points for the third time, started 29th in the first round and over 15 contenders. In the final she was more than one second faster than the winner Velhova – of course also because of the better descent.

Wendy Holdener is thrown off the runway. After finishing 13th in the first round, the Schwyz native had big problems and fell hard. She was then able to slide down the slope on her sled, but had to put stitches down her leg in the end area. Apparently, Holdner injured himself on the edges of the skis when he took off. It is not yet known if the 28-year-old has sustained more serious injuries and if she will start on Saturday.

In the fight for a place in the World Cup final for the top 25 skater in the giant slalom in Courchevel, Holder (25th) still held the lead in the team’s three-way indoor battle with Ellenberger (26) and Wilde (27) with 5 and 7 points respectively.

Lara Jut Bahrami was not at first. After Tessneren suffered a blow when entering Linzerheide last Sunday, she decided not to travel to Sweden.

Here’s how to proceed

For Gisin and Co, there is still a slalom race in Are, Sweden, on Saturday before a ski entourage travels to Courchevel in France for the World Cup final (March 16-20). The last races are in the program there in all four disciplines.