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Geomagworld lets imaginations shine with Geomag Glitter, Gütsel Online and OWL live

Geomagworld lets imaginations shine with Geomag Glitter, Gütsel Online and OWL live

Geomagworld lets imaginations shine with Geomag Glitter

  • » Create bright, colorful and distinctive magnetic compositions.
  • Leading the “green” revolution.

Geomagworld has been innovating since 1998 when the company invented the first magnetic building toy. A quarter of a century later, they are still pioneers in their magnetic field. Their main goal is to encourage playing together for a healthy planet. Geomag makes its great toys in Switzerland and uses 100 percent renewable energy for production. Geomag has adopted a circular economy philosophy. For Magicube, Classic and Mechanics product lines, # recycled # plastic used. The packaging is also made from over 70% recycled materials.

Play with glowing glitter

Playing together is an essential part of childhood because it allows children to explore and develop communication and social development skills. By playing with Geomag, children learn how to take turns, how to share and solve problems, how to work together, and even how to lead. The shiny Geomag range is loved by parents and kids alike and it’s easy to see why. A wide range of glitter sticks and tiles mixed with glitter balls allow kids to mix, share and build combos together at home, on the playground or in the garden. Glitter is so much fun, whether building with friends or alone, kids are free to create star-studded creations that will bring out jealous smiles.

Glitter keeps on shining

The #reed material for decoration The line will continue to expand in 2022, Geomag has announced some great new additions. Full of sparkle, sparkling and amazing gameplay possibilities.

New products include a set of 22-piece Geomag (534) Glitter Panels Recycled, which introduces children and parents to a bright and beautiful world of # magnetic toy might happen. Each glitter set is perfectly compatible with all # geomag #Row, including Classic, Green Line, Supercolor, and Glow. The new Geomag (535) 35-Piece Recycled Glitter Board Set contains plenty of pieces to work with a friend and create together. Finally, the biggest new addition is the 60-piece Geomag (536) Glitter Recycled set, filled with vibrant plates, sticks and pompoms that will encourage endless hours of imaginative play alone or with friends. Each set is for ages 3-99 and is made from 100% recycled plastic, which means bright playtime can be green too. Now you can always keep the glitter sticks and glitter balls with you and keep everything tidy after playing. »Carry the beautiful shiny storage box with you and be the envy of all your friends.

A game that never gets boring

Children learn best through creative and open play. Geomag’s award-winning games are #turning off Approved and approved by “Good Game Guide”. Geomag ensures that children can learn important skills through the fun of building, constructing and even demolishing their creativity. Packed with invisible forces that make magnetic rods and metal balls attract each other, Geomag lets kids play endless games #construction work Building – whatever it takes #imagination.

Glossy Geomag Board # rem National assortment in many # Stores And the # Online Stores Available. Prices start from 20 euros.

boiler plate

Geomagworld SA is a leading Switzerland-based toy manufacturer, which since 1998 has been manufacturing and marketing products worldwide for young and old to stimulate creativity and learning through the science of magnet building. Fulfilling the “Swiss Made” quality guarantee, the company designs and creates innovative gaming platforms each year at its highly sustainable Novazzano factory, the company’s headquarters, which houses the industrial design, strategy and management departments. Geomagworld has received many international awards over the years which confirm the quality and values ​​of its games. In order to act responsibly, sustainably and transparently, the company voluntarily implements a transformation process based on the Model B Corporation.