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Geiger shines with fourth place

Norway’s Halvor Egner Granerud wins

Four Hills Championship kicks off: a German violinist surprises with fourth place

Ski jumping, ski jumping, skiing, Nordic – FIS WC Oberstdorf OBERSTDORF, GERMANY, 29.DEC.22 – NORDIC SKIING, SKI JUMPING –, IMAGO / GEPA images, IMAGO / GEPA images / Thomas Bachun

Carl Geiger satisfied himself at the start of the Four Hills Championship with a strong fourth place. Norway’s Halvor Egner Granerud is in a class of its own.

25,000 fans celebrated “Karle”

Karl Geiger Germany, GER, inaugural event Four Hills Tournament Oberstdorf, FIS Viessmann Ski Jumping World Cup, men's competition, December 29, 2022, season 2022/2023 GER, inaugural event Four Hills Tournament Oberstdorf, FIS Viessmann World Cup Ski Jumping, WE

In the first round, Jaeger defeated Austrian Stefan Kraft.

Karl Geiger happily waved in the sea of ​​flags on the jam-packed runway in Oberstdorf, and 25,000 fans celebrated “Karle” like a winner after he secured a very strong fourth place: At the start of Four Hills 71, local allgäu celebrated the champion missed “another miracle at home” , after a convincing performance at the Wizards’ Cauldron in his hometown, Geiger could continue to dream of his first German Tour victory in 21 years – even if today’s winner, Halvor Eggner’s Granerud, was in a class of his own.

Just bypass the platform

December 29, 2022, Bavaria, Oberstdorf: Nordic Ski / Ski Jumping: World Cup Four Hills Championships, large hill, men's, round two.  Andreas Wellinger (Germany) cheers after his jump.  Photo: Angelika Warmuth / dpa +++ dpa picture radio +++

Olympic champion Andreas Wellinger also cut an impressive figure with a sixth-place finish

AWA SAP, DPA, Angelica Warmut

I’m very happy about this day, I was able to make really good jumps,” said Geiger, who missed the podium two years after beating Schattenberg this time by 1.3 points – not even a meter. Many of his fans at his home mound were delighted after an impressive flying display with 136.5 and 134.0 metres.

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Olympic champion Andreas Wellinger also contributed to this, as the sixth place also managed to keep up with the best people. “It was my best result in Oberstdorf,” said the 27-year-old. “I’ll take it with me that I jumped really well.”


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Geiger: “Granerud jumps to another level”

dpatopbilder - December 29, 2022, Bavaria, Oberstdorf: Nordic skiing / ski jumping: World Cup, Four Hills Championship, large hill, men's, award ceremony.  cheered the winner, Halvor Igner Granrod (Norway).  Photo: Angelika Warmuth / dpa +++ dpa picture radio +++

In a league of his own: Wiener Granroad

awa sab nic, dpa, Angelika Warmuth

Of course, Norway’s Granrud was the best, twice achieving the best distance with jumps of 142.5 and 139.0 metres, 312.4 points ahead of world regular hilltop champion Piotr Zyla (299.0) and favorite Davout Kobacki (294.9 / both Poles). won – won. “Granrod jumps to another level,” Geiger marveled, “but he has to get through it first.” Jaeger starts the New Year’s competition on January 1 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen with a deficit of about ten metres. (tpo, sid)