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GC wins the derby, Lucerne wins over Lausanne Sport

GC wins the derby, Lucerne wins over Lausanne Sport

GC beats FCZ with a goal in the last minute.Photo: Keystone

GC – FCZ 2:1

FC Zurich cannot find their way out of their crisis in the new year either. The derby lost to the Grasshoppers 2-1 after conceding two goals in the last 20 minutes and now awaits a win in five games.

In the first half, things went the way Zurich wanted. Without suspended coach Bo Henriksen on the bench, fourth in the Premier League clearly dominated the match in Letzigrund. Bledian Krasniqi made it 1-0 in the 20th minute with a beautiful shot from 20 metres.

But after the break it became clear that the FCZ was in crisis and no longer enjoyed the security that characterized it until December. GC dominated the match and got two goals from Dorian Babunski (72nd) and Pascal Shorpf (95th).

Coach Bruno Berner replaced both scorers to seal the first win under the new owners from Los Angeles in the 69th minute. The first benefited from Francis Momoh's strong preparation work for his goal, and the second from a terrible error from FCZ defender Leandret Kamberi. (seda)

Grasshoppers – Zurich 2:1 (0:1)
19,326 spectators.
S. R. Stubley.
Portals: 20. Krasniqi (Buranijasevic) 0:1. 72. Babunski (Momoh) 1: 1. 95. Shorpf 2: 1.
Grasshoppers: Mutton; Abels, Paskutsi (Baponski No. 69), Laos, Hoxha (Ndika No. 88); De Carvalho (69th Schürpf), Morandi (88th Rastoder), Sekou, Abrashi, Momoh; Fink (58. Mayer).
Zurich: crusher; Camberi, Katic, Dabrella (84. Santini); Buranijacevic (Kunde 67), Mathieu, Krasniqi, Guerrero; Marchisano (Niels Reichmuth 74), Afriye (Ligue 74), Rodrigo Conceição.
comments: Warnings: 36. Satan, 36. Momoh, 60. Mayer.

Lucerne – Lausanne Sport 2:1

Despite their numerical superiority, FC Luzern managed to break free after four matches without a win. Mario Fricke's side won at home against Lausanne-Sport 2-1 thanks to goals from Pius Dorn and Severin Otiger.

After the break, FC Lucerne picked up the pace. What was forgotten was that the hosts were down to just ten men from the seventh minute and a clumsy challenge from Nicky Beloko. Pius Dorn made it 1-1 in the 62nd minute, after the central Swiss team had announced its goal in the previous minutes. Shortly before the end, Severin Oettiger crowned the performance of the ten Lucerne players with a 2-1 victory.

FC Lucerne celebrates with Lars Villier, center, with the goal to make it 2-1 in the Premier League championship match between FC Lucerne and Lausanne Sport on Sunday, January 28, 2024 in Lucerne.  (Keystone/Urs Flow...

Lucerne wins over Lausanne Sport when outnumbered. Photo: Keystone

Lausanne Sport failed to achieve a win before the end of the first half. After the red card against Beloko, who hit his opponent from behind in the calf, Vaudois had opportunities to score more than one goal until the break. Kale Sin converted a penalty kick from Ardon Gashari (20th minute), but then failed twice from the best position.

Lucerne – Lausanne Sport 2:1 (0:1)
10,089 spectators.
Real Mandach.
Portals: 20. Ceni (penalty kick) 0:1. 62. Thorne 1: 1. 89. Otiger 2: 1.
Lucerne: Loritz. Oteger, Jaquez, Cemani (72. Haas), Lenny Mayer (46. Lofgren); Jashari; Dorn, Max Mayer (22. Winkler), Beloko; Oko (88. Villager), Chadar (71. Kadak).
Lausanne Sports: Letica. Custodio, Dabanle, Salai, Bouati (Kaplan No. 80); Elie (88. Traoré), Bernedi, Roche, Kalou; Ceni (Geiger 80), Labo (Coyle 73).
comments: 7. Red card against Belocco (assault). Warnings: 49. Custodio, 49. Simani, 54. Szalai, 81. Kablan, 83. Ottiger, 87. Ilie, 93. Kadák.



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