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Premier League: FCL beat Lausanne 2-1

Premier League: FCL beat Lausanne 2-1


Red card, penalty kick and two league matches for the first time: FC Luzern turned up the pressure after a cold start with a 2-1 win over Lausanne

FCL got off to a bad start against Lausanne Sport. Thanks to Pius Dorn and Severin Otiger, Mario Frick's side can still get the three points after a fighting performance.

FC Lucerne: FC Lausanne-Sport 2:1 (0:1)

FCL starting lineup

Looking at the starting lineup against Yverdon, Lenny Mayer and Sofiane Chader are in the starting lineup today, unlike on Tuesday. This is because Martin Frydek is injured and Lars Villier is on the bench.

Ismail Bika, Osuma Abubakar, Kamal Adeyemi, Luke Bredick, Diego Heller, Sasha Mayer, Noah Robb and Mauricio Willeman have also been reported missing.


20 minutes: After a foul by Ardon Jashari on Rare Ilie there is a penalty kick Kali Sini He turned confidently – even though Pascal Loritz was still close at hand.

Minute 62: Pius Dorn He scores his second goal of the season and puts it in his place. So Samuel Callow leaves the ball lying in his overly complicated attempt to clear the ball and Dorn just has to push it.

Minute 89: What a return from Lucerne. It hits shortly before the end Severin Otiger To make the score 2-1 after he was able to attack Lausanne's goal alone after taking possession of the ball. Lausanne's Chris Kaplan looks old here.

Match report

The start of the new year could certainly have been better for the Champions League: after the defeat to Yverdon on Tuesday, coach Mario Frick spoke of a “mini-crisis”. Along with Lausanne Sport, another team from western Switzerland will visit Lucerne on Sunday – and the Champions League has recently shown difficulties against teams from French-speaking Switzerland.

As if things couldn't get any worse, Nicky Bellocco received a red card in the fifth minute after a foul on Antoine Bernedy. Bellocco hit the Lausanne player from behind the ankle. So the Lucerne team continues early with one man less. At least: the subsequent free kick remained harmless. Lenny Meyer failed shortly afterwards in the 11th minute due to the Lausanne defence.

Referee Johannes von Mandach issued a red card to Nicky Beloko.

Photo: Martin Meinberger/Fresh Focus

But things got really bitter after about seven minutes when Ardon Jashari hit Rare Ilie thus causing a penalty and indirectly 0-1. Mario Frick then replaced Levin Winkler with Max Mayer. Winkler makes his league debut in a tough stretch of the FCL. There are also cases of busts, bad luck and Pius Dorn when the German slips on the ball during an attack. Things didn't go well for FCL in the first half hour.

Calle Sinn (L, Lausanne) vs. Severin Otiger (Lucerne).

Calle Sinn (L, Lausanne) vs. Severin Otiger (Lucerne).

Photo: Martin Meinberger/Fresh Focus

Things faltered again after Sofiane Chader lost the ball in the 35th minute, something that Seni immediately knew how to exploit. But FCL goalkeeper Pascal Lauritz is there. This also applies to another attack by Eli and Brighton Labo. Shortly before the end of the first half, the Lucerne players did not show their best: after a corner kick, the Lausanne team, which quickly converted, was in the majority. Sen runs towards goal alone, but fires the ball wide of the post. This meant that Lucerne remained 0-1 down at the end of the first half.

Another debut came after half-time when Swedish debutant Jesper Löfgren came on as a substitute for Leny Meyer. Will the defensive giant bring some stability back to the game? At least emotionally, after a push from Jashari, things remain far from calm and the group comes together. Once the atmosphere calmed down, Lausanne took charge again. The VAR also had to check Lausanne for offside in the 58th minute, which almost resulted in a 0-2 scoreline. But soon afterwards there was a real collapse at the other end, as Pius Dorn scored a 1-1 equaliser.

Teddy Oko (left, Lucerne) and teammate Pius Dorn (right) take on Antoine Bernidi in the middle.

Teddy Oko (left, Lucerne) and teammate Pius Dorn (right) take on Antoine Bernidi in the middle.

Photo: Martin Meinberger/Fresh Focus

Now the people of Lucerne want to know. After a nice interplay between Chader and Dorn, Lucerne almost made it 2-1 with less than twenty minutes left. Then the hosts finally raised the enthusiasm with the encouragement of a large number of fans. The fact that they have one less player on the field is no longer noticeable anymore. So, it was no surprise that Severin Otiger scored a deserved 2-1 Champions League goal shortly before the end. Thus, FC Lucerne have impressively overcome the 'mini-crisis', at least for the time being.

Lars Villier (left) and Severin Otiger pose after the goal to make it 2-1 dressed by Ismail Pika, who is currently sidelined through injury.

Lars Villier (left) and Severin Otiger pose after the goal to make it 2-1 dressed by Ismail Pika, who is currently sidelined through injury.

Photo: Martin Meinberger/Fresh Focus

Here's what the FCL coach says

“I've rarely faced a match so emotional. “It was a very difficult start, and we were very weak.”

“In the first half it should have been 3-1, Basque saved our lives. We had a problem with one man less.”

Coach Mario Frick in an interview.

Source: Pilatus Today

FCL feedback

Severin Oettiger in an interview.

Source: Pilatus Today

Pascal Loritz in an interview.

Source: Pilatus Today

FCL scores


Lucerne – Lausanne 2:1 (0:1)
Swissport Arena. – 10089 viewers. –
Riyal from Mendash.
Portals: 20. Ceni (foul penalty kick) 0:1. 62. Thorn 1: 1. 89. Otiger (Kadak) 2: 1.
Lucerne: Loritz. Oteger, Jaquez, Cemani (71. Haas), Lenny Mayer (46. Lofgren); Jashari; Thorne, Beloco; Max Mayer (Winkler XXII); Oko (88. Villager), Chadar (71. Kadak).
Lausanne: Letica. Custodio, Dabanle, Salai, Bouate (Kaplan 79); Rosh. Elie (87. Traoré), Bernede, Kalou; Sin (79. Geiger), Labo (73. Cowell).
comments: Lucerne are without Pekka (injured), Frederic and Adeyemi (both sick). Lausanne are without Dussin (suspension), Grippo, Hosic and Sanchez (all injured). – Red card: 7. Beloko (brutal foul). Warnings: 49. Simani, Custodio (both non-sports). 54. Salai, 81. Kaplan, 83. Oettiger, 87. Ili (full foul), 93. Kadak (time match).

Results and table

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Lausanne again: Lucerne head to Lausanne-Ouchy on Thursday. Kick-off is at 8:30 pm