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Games of the Year 2021 - 1st place

Games of the Year 2021 – 1st place

Leonard Willems says: Joseph Faris and his team Hazelight are always up for a surprise. Already her first time the brothers It was completely different from all the other games out there with its beautiful storyline and unusual twin mechanics. take two It builds on this innovative spirit and elevates the collaborative concept of the predecessor Director to a new level. Every second through the beautifully designed levels with Stephen as a goofy pair, I was thrilled! Like a kid in a candy store, I jumped from hot spot to hot spot and wanted to suck this whole world inside of me. Every new mechanic has fascinated me, and time after time I have been fascinated by all the little Easter eggs and mini-games the developers have crammed into their world. No other title has captured such pure, childish fun in gameplay! A new beginning.

Stephen Heller says: No other title has consistently entertained me from start to finish this year take two. Aside from a few great mini-games, there are 12 hours of pure co-op entertainment in it. The abundance of game mechanics always ensures variety. Realms constantly presents me with new scenarios and weird surprises, so I don’t want to leave the console aside. After more than 30 years with this hobby, it rarely happens that the title brings back pure joy from my early days. Fatiha!

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