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FSD in Europe 2022, used for electronic truck petitions >

On Monday morning, distribution of a new software version of Tesla’s electric cars began in the United States, according to CEO Elon Musk. 1,000 new owners in continuous beta testing of the latest autopilot software Be in it. So far, about 2,000 people have taken part in testing the program known as FSD, which aims to enable fully autonomous driving in the future. There are no official tests with him in this country, but at Giga-Fest on the German Gigafactory site in Grünheide, Musk said he expects an FSD for Europe next year – and not just as a test version. Regarding the also coveted Cybertruck, he said that it could only come to Europe if the authorities provided a special category for it.

Independent Teslas in Europe in 2022?

Musk said on stage Saturday night that FSD is “over-modified” in California For “Giga-Fest” in Grünheide near Berlin I was. First, Tesla has to make sure the system works well there and then convince regulators to do so. The CEO explained that the ranking in Europe is the same. He described it as “highly likely” to start “sometime next year”.

With that, Musk was clearly not just referring to a test drive: He initially said he looked very good with the FSD development, and reiterated that he could drive his Tesla to the office from home without any interference. He then put his previous statement on Europe in concrete terms: “With the FSD, which in my opinion will be out of the beta phase, it seems very likely that it will be in Europe next year.”

In a rather complicated sentence, even in English, with many restrictions, it seems that the head of Tesla has promised that the FSD autopilot will not only be tested in Europe by the end of 2022, but also approved. That would be much faster than in the United States, Where the beta test started a year ago. Those involved reported big progress, but also serious bugs in Tesla’s software, which reached version 10.2 with the latest update.

Musk wants electronic truck petitions

In addition to FSD and other topics, Musk was also asked about the Tesla Cybertruck on the Giga-Fest stage. This has already been explained in the previous figure It is “impossible” to meet global requirements with him. Fans and customers are still hoping for a solution, and the Tesla boss has been at least giving it some nourishment. Musk made it clear that he would like to bring the Cybertruck to Europe “if they let us,” after saying in German, “The Cybertruck is not a small car.”

Musk hasn’t revealed what exactly is preventing approval in Europe, but it could simply be a weight problem behind it. Newer EU driving licenses are limited to vehicles with a maximum weight of 3.5 tons, and the steel giant with passengers and cargo is likely to exceed this. This means that a Tesla Cybertruck can be registered, but only people with a truck driver’s license are allowed to drive it. Perhaps a special classroom should be created for him, Musk thought aptly – and asked his fans in front of the stage to petition the supervisory authorities.