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Frank Otto fought for the love of Nathalie Foulkes

Frank Otto fought for the love of Nathalie Foulkes

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“He just wants to own you” – this is how Frank Otto fought for Natalie

Former GNTM nominee Natalie Volk publishes her memoir. She talks about the tearful breakup with Frank Otto and the short engagement to Timur Akbulut.


On Friday, Frank Otto and Natalie Volk appeared together again. They attended the event on Friday where she presented her memoir “In My Own Words: A Day Without Lies.”

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  • At the age of twenty-six, Natalie Falk published her memoir In My Words: A Day Without Lies.

  • In it, she reveals how her ex Frank Otto brought her back to Germany after a short-lived love affair with Timur Akbulut.

  • At the time she was already engaged to Hells Angels rock singer Timur Akbulut.

“He doesn’t love you, he just wants to own you,” said millionaire Frank Otto (66 years old) to Nathalie Falk (26 years old) in the presence of her new boyfriend at the time, Timur Akbulut (45 years old). According to Bild. They met to discuss in a hotel in Türkiye. Otto’s words bounced off Natalie. The troubled relationship between Natalie, former GNTM participant Her fiancé, Frank Otto, broke up after five years when she fell in love with Turkish Hells Angels rocker Timur in 2020.

Frank wanted to save what could be saved. “I knew he would convince me to return to Germany, so I wanted Thomas (Timur A.’s pseudonym in her book, editor’s note) to be there to have the conversation,” Nathalie wrote in her memoir. : A Day Without Lies, which was published on Friday.

Frank Otto cried when he broke up with Natalie

“I kept talking and said that Thomas loves me and I love him too. And that I will live here from now on. Frank looked at me, his eyes turning red, filling up. Were those tears? That was the first time I saw Frank cry. This did something for me. I cried with them, but I was determined to start a different life,” says the 26-year-old, describing the situation at that time.

And further: “Frank understood that he could not stop me. I was the first woman to leave him. But he loved me so much that he let me go. He wanted me to be happy. But not until he got Thomas’s word. He said: ‘I promise I will take care of her.’ We said goodbye, and when I drove to my new home with Thomas, the tears kept flowing.”

Natalie got engaged to Taimur

Natalie began her new relationship with Timur, moved to Turkey and turned her back on the entire family – even cutting off contact with her mother Victoria, with whom Natalie had always had a very close relationship, Bild wrote.

For her new life as the girlfriend of a convicted Hells Angels rock singer, she changed her name to Miranda DeGrande. She changed her appearance, dyed her hair black, got new teeth, and got a few tattoos. One of them is a sign of her love for Timur: a crescent moon, a feature of the national flag of Turkey, Timur’s homeland. On September 1, 2021, she got engaged to Taimur: “I am happier than ever in my life,” she told Bild at the time.

Natalie’s love rekindled with Frank Otto

The relationship with Taimur ended in October 2021, and in June 2022, Nathalie and Frank Otto celebrated the return of their love at the press ball in Hamburg. “I realized that Frank is my husband,” she told Bild. Moreover: “I want to give our love a second chance.” When she presented her book on Friday, he was by her side, too.

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